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Commercial Moving Solutions

Give us a call if you need further information or to discuss your corporate move.

Real Estate Agents
Your clients will love using Ecoboxes to move their valuables. Ecoboxes are convenient, affordable and green. We also have an Ecobox voucher system that you can present to your clients as a thank you gift for purchasing from you. Give us a call to find out how we can add value to your customer.

Removals Companies
If you would like to make use of Ecoboxes, please contact us to discuss how we can add value to your removals operation. You’ll load quicker, keep contents safe, and won’t have to deliver or collect empty boxes.

Office relocation
If you need to coordinate a corporate relocation, need to co-ordinate a green office move, build carbon credits, keep moving costs down and minimise work flow interruption, you've come to the right place!

  • Our 70L Ecobox is ideal for moving files. It measures 521x343x300mm internally and 600x400x400mm externally.
  • The residential and commercial rates are the same up to an order size of 70 boxes.
  • Ecobox commercial pricing starts with 70 boxes; for quantities above 70 boxes and/or rental periods longer than 2 weeks please contact Ecobox.
  • How many boxes do we need? Moving files? 8 or 9 extra large Lever Arch Files fit in an Ecobox and 12 regular Lever Arch Files.
  • If you are not sure of how many boxes to order, start with a bundle and we will bring out more boxes should you require at the best possible
    pro-rata rate.
  • Your documents are important to you. With Ecobox Security-seals, not only will your contents be sealed speedily and securely but also in an orderly fashion due to the unique number accompanying each seal. Unlike conventional cable-ties, Security-seals are tamper proof.

With Ecobox, corporate moves are convenient, affordable and green.

Using Ecoboxes saves trees, reduces cardboard box landfill build-up and lowers your carbon footprint.


When I heard that we are eventually moving to our new offices, I started looking for packing material and also prices.

I came across EcoBoxes and then started to do a comparison between them and normal cardboard boxes. I suggested that we rather go with the EcoBoxes, not only are they stronger, durable and have handles to easily carry, but they also are affordable. The EcoBoxes were delivered ± 2 weeks prior our move and they gave us more than reasonable time to unpack before they came and fetch the EcoBoxes. When we had everything unpacked, our offices were in no mess, because we could stack the EcoBoxes and nothing had to be thrown away, like we would have done if he had normal cardboard boxes.

Surely, this must be the solution to any moving - no mess, no boxes that break at the bottom, easier to handle. I will surely recommend this route to everybody that’s in need of boxes to move.

Excellent, the way to go!

- Melanie, Proxa
Cape Town /
0861 745 269
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