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Environment - Ecobox Treeman explains

Ecobox Treeman

Ecoboxes can be used 400 times (this saves 3.5 trees per Ecobox lifespan) and then recycled again while many cardboard boxes end up in landfills.

If 60 boxes at 500g makes 30kg per move, 100 moves per month would be 3 tonnes of cardboard used. This is equivalent to 36 tonnes of cardboard used in one year. If Ecoboxes were used instead, that would be a saving of 612 trees.

(Interestingly, each ton of paper uses: 17 trees, 299 litres of oil, 26500 litres of water, 42 000 kw of energy and 227 litres air pollution to produce.  Once dumped, this cardboard occupies 2.3cubic m landfill space.)

In a 1989 comparison study between plastic and paper, the Society of Plastics found that it takes 4 times the amount of energy to produce paper vs plastic.

Research done by the Reusable Pallet and Container Coalition in the USA indicates that Plastic uses 39% less energy than cardboard when recycling, represents 95% less solid waste in landfills and results in 29% fewer green house gas emissions. Interesting to note is that it takes approximately 50 times more water to recycle cardboard than it does to recycle plastic. Once Ecoboxes are retired, they are recycled and put back into use.

While we see an environmental benefit in the Ecobox solution, we recognise the need for a further environmental contribution by donating hire revenue.

Ecobox donates 1% of hire revenue to Food & Trees for Africa for the planting of trees in townships - thus offestting carbon omissions and improving the quality of life for all South Africans

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