Jo’burg Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies


Moving home or relocating an office in central Jo’burg? We can help by offering affordable moving supplies in Johannesburg, including sturdy plastic moving boxes for rent, cardboard boxes in a range of sizes – including specialised wardrobe boxes and boxes for flat-screen TVs – and packing materials.

Ecobox moving and packing supplies are available from the XtraSpace Commissioner Street branch, in central Johannesburg. Alternatively, you can rent or buy moving boxes online in Johannesburg, and we’ll deliver them directly to your door – along with any other packing supplies you need.


268 Commissioner Street, City and Suburban Johannesburg, 2094


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Make your home and office moves easy. Rent our secure, sturdy, stackable Ecoboxes for as long as you need them. We deliver and collect after your move.

Cardboard packing boxes

We stock a range of sturdy cardboard moving boxes suitable for all your moving requirements. On request we’ll collect and recycle your boxes after your move.

Packing materials

We stock all the extras you require to make your move easier and more convenient, from packing paper and bubble wrap to cling wrap for extra security.

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268 Commissioner Street, City and Suburban Johannesburg 2094