Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please check below or feel free to contact us directly.

Do Ecoboxes only come in one size?

Yes, we have found the 70L (600x400x400mm) Ecobox to be the optimal size for moving most items. Because Ecoboxes come in one size, they take up little space by nesting neatly when stored. Furthermore, when it comes to stacking your laden Ecoboxes, they stack uniformly like building blocks. These efficiencies enhance your moving experience!

Cleaning of Ecoboxes?

Ecoboxes are returned back to our warehouse, cleaned thoroughly and prepared for their next job. Try doing that with cardboard.

Are you a moving company?

Although we would love to help you in many more ways, unfortunately we are not a moving company. However please contact us and we will let you know who we recommend for moving services.

Do you sell Ecoboxes?

Unfortunately not, no. ☹

Can we extend our order?

Yes, you can. Please phone in to arrange this.

How can you make payment?

When placing your order on the website the system will automatically take you through the payment process (online). A deposit of R500.00 is required which is fully refundable once boxes have been collected.

Are you price competitive?

You can pay under R1.50 per box per day. It’s a similar price to cardboard boxes but you’re saving the environment and they don’t have to hang around your home longer than they should.

Can we load faster with Ecoboxes?

Yes you can. Please give us a call to discuss preferential collection rates and collection points.

Can we collect our boxes?

EcoBox handles all box deliveries and collections. This ensures our service is as efficient and convenient as possible.

Do you offer long-term rentals?

For 1 or 2 week orders please see our standard pricing. For longer rental requirements, please contact us. We also help customers who need to put their items into long-term storage, or who are renovating their home and want to store their goods in a safe location.

How can I help?

Tell your friends and family about us! Beside our great service, it’s just a more convenient and affordable way to move.

How high can we stack our packed boxes on our bakkie?

With sturdy and secure Ecobox stack ability, Ecoboxes can stack 3 or 4 units  high, depending on the bakkie specifications and weight of the packed Ecoboxes. This minimizes wasted space. An additional bonus is you can slide your mattress on top of the Ecobox stack!