Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please check below or feel free to contact us directly.

Where does Ecobox operate?

Ecobox currently operates in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal.

What is an Ecobox?

An Ecobox is a sturdy, plastic moving container that’s ideal for packing, moving and storing items. It’s ideal even for heavier or more fragile items, and is an eco-friendly packing option.

What are the dimensions of an Ecobox?

Each Ecobox measures 600 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm and has a capacity of 70 litres.

Do you sell Ecoboxes or only rent them?

We only rent Ecoboxes. Once you’ve finished your move, we’ll collect them from a location you specify and clean and sanitise them for reuse.

How long can we keep Ecoboxes we rent?

Ecoboxes are rented out in one week blocks. You can choose how many weeks you want to rent your boxes for, with each week charged at R20 per box.

What are benefits of your Ecoboxes?

Ecoboxes are sturdy, sealable plastic moving boxes that

  • stack uniformly to optimise moving truck and storage space
  • nest neatly when empty
  • protect even fragile or heavy contents
  • won’t buckle, break or be damaged by water
  • are environmentally friendly.

Each Ecobox we rent is thoroughly cleaned after each use and then reused, potentially hundreds of times – and it’s fully recyclable. This makes it an eco-friendly packing choice.

Do you offer long-term rentals of Ecoboxes?

Yes. Ecobox allows you to select how long you want to rent your boxes for. Each week is charged at our standard rate of R20 per box.

Do you sell cardboard boxes online?

Yes – we offer both single-wall and sturdier double-wall cardboard packing boxes in a large range of sizes.

What size cardboard packing boxes do you supply?

We offer cardboard moving boxes in a wide range of sizes and are constantly expanding our range of products.

Currently, our smallest boxes measure 300 mm x 230 mm x 300 mm – these are suitable for heavier items. Our largest cardboard boxes measure 500 mm x 400 mm x 780 mm, and are ideal for packing lighter items such as bedding, linen, clothes or soft toys.

Which is better – Ecoboxes or cardboard boxes?

This depends on your needs. Some of our customers use a combination.

Ecoboxes are an eco-friendly option and, because they’re made of sturdy plastic, help protect items from damage during moves. They’re also easy to stack and transport. They’re available for rent only.

Our cardboard boxes are an inexpensive option if you want to buy moving boxes online – for example, if you’re not sure when you’ll be ready to unpack your items or want to store items longer term.

Some of our cardboard boxes are designed for specific uses. For instance, use our flat-screen TV box to move a TV or our wardrobe box to move clothing with minimal creasing.

Why would I consider buying one of your moving kits online?

Moving kits make life simpler by including all the packing boxes and moving supplies you’re likely to need, given the size of your home or office move.

You can choose to buy:

Each moving kit includes the number of Ecoboxes or cardboard boxes, plus all packing and labelling materials, you’re likely to need, given the size of your move.

Do you recycle cardboard boxes?

Yes. If customers rent Ecoboxes and buy cardboard boxes at the same time, we’re happy to fetch the used cardboard boxes when we collect the Ecoboxes. We’ll then ensure that the cardboard is properly recycled.

Can we collect our boxes instead of having them delivered?

No, not via our online ordering system. We deliver boxes and, in the case of Ecoboxes, collect them once you’ve moved.

You can also purchase Ecobox products at our box shop in Bellville, or any XtraSpace branch in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban or Pietermaritzburg.

Do you have retail branches?

We currently have a retail branch in Bellville. Our Bellville shop sells all the products we offer online, and our friendly staff are always ready to help.

In addition, several branches of XtraSpace SelfStorage stock our products. Simply pop in to any of the following XtraSpace branches and reception staff will be pleased to assist you.

In Gauteng:

In KwaZulu-Natal:

In the Western Cape:

For any further information, kindly contact us on the Ecobox toll-free line, 0861 745 269.

What packing materials do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of packing supplies online, from packing tape and bubble wrap to protective mattress covers, pallet wrap, plastic furniture covers and furniture blankets, for protecting furniture during moves.

Do you rent moving trolleys?

Yes. With our ordering system, you can rent a moving trolley online and have it delivered, along with packing boxes and any other packing materials you need, to your location. We’ll also collect the trolley once you’ve finished using it.

Can you assist with home or office removals?

Yes. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll provide you with a quotation.

Is it possible to extend an order?

Yes, but please give us a call on 0861 745 269 to arrange this.

Do you deliver for free?

No. We charge a standard R300 fee for each order, regardless of order volume. In the case of Ecobox rental, this fee covers both delivery and collection of the boxes.

How do I organise collection of my Ecoboxes?

When you place an order for Ecoboxes, our system will ask you to specify a collection date and time (either morning or afternoon) and a collection address.

Is collection of Ecoboxes free?

The cost of collection is covered by the flat fee of R300 you pay when placing an order. This fee also covers delivery of your order.

How long does delivery take?

We deliver (and collect) within 24 hours – or 48 hours if an order is received after 4 p.m. Orders placed after 4 p.m. on Friday will be delivered on the following Tuesday.

How do you accept payment?

We accept payment by credit card or debit card. Our online ordering system will guide you through the payment process.

How do I know my details are safe if I order from Ecobox online?

Online payments to Ecobox are handled by PayFast – a secure, third-party payment gateway that’s widely used and trusted in South Africa.

Ecobox won’t ever sell or redistribute your information. Information about our privacy policy is available here.