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1 Bedroom Home Moving Kit

1 Bedroom Home Moving Kit

R81.01 Incl VAT @15% per day

Enough plastic moving boxes for the contents of one large bedroom, plus security seals, labels and a marker pen. Free delivery on orders over R1500.

Our moving kit for a one-bedroom home includes:

  • 25 Ecoboxes
  • security seals
  • labels
  • marker pen
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Why order our plastic moving boxes for one bedroom online?


Our one-bedroom moving box kit is ideal for moving the contents of a bachelor flat, a one-room home or a single large bedroom, for example in a shared house or student digs.

Suitable as a moving house starter kit, it includes eco-friendly Ecoboxes – sturdy, plastic packing boxes – and everything you’ll need to secure and label them.

Buy our moving box kit online and you’ll save the time it would otherwise take to find suitable packing boxes, assemble them, and tape them once they’re packed. You also won’t need to dispose of empty boxes after you’ve moved and unpacked.

Just order your moving kit online and we’ll deliver it directly to your door, at a date and time you choose. We’ll also collect the empty boxes from you after you’ve moved.

The moving kit price is all-inclusive, helping you stick to a moving budget and making the process of moving simpler and easier.