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R15.00 Incl VAT @15%

Per meter

Order aerothene foam wrap online; ideal for protecting and insulating furniture and other items. Free delivery on orders over R1500.

Width: 1250 mm; Length: sold by the metre


About Aerothene


Aerothene foam wrap is a fully recyclable product that’s made from expanded polyethylene (EPE). Also known as airothene, it’s fully recyclable, has insulating and cushioning properties and is flexible and durable. It’s also inexpensive.

Aerothene is widely used as protective furniture packaging. It’s ideal for protecting furniture from moisture, as well as scratches, chips or dents, during transport and storage.

Aerothene is also useful for separating and insulating items of crockery, like plates; adding extra padding and insulation to parcels to be sent via courier or post; protecting glass or plastic surfaces from scratches due to abrasion; and a host of other uses.

Ecobox offers aerothene foam wrap online, at an affordable price per metre. That means you can buy just the amount you need. We also offer a wide range of cardboard boxes, packing materials and plastic moving boxes for rent.