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Industrial Carpet Knife with Blade

Industrial Carpet Knife with Blade

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A retractable utility knife, ideal for home and office moves. Free delivery on orders over R1500.

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About our industrial carpet knife


Order a carpet knife online and you’ll be set to cut tape, cord, cardboard and any other packaging materials used in a home or office move.

Also called a retractable utility knife or box cutter, a carpet knife is a multi-purpose knife that’s designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

As its name suggests, the knife can be used to trim carpet – but it’s equally useful for cutting a wide range of materials, from cardboard to plastics, vinyl, wooden board and drywall or plasterboard.

The industrial carpet knife we offer features a replaceable utility blade, a slip-resistant grip and a convenient internal compartment for storing blades.

It features a sharper, stronger blade and is up to tougher cutting jobs than a standard utility or craft knife. However, it’s safer than a typical retractable craft knife when not in use because the blade can be securely screwed into the knife handle.

Make your move easier by ordering our industrial carpet knife online and we’ll deliver it to your door, along with any other packing boxes and materials you need.