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Packing Paper (10 sheets)

Packing Paper (10 sheets)

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A roll of packing paper, ideal for wrapping crockery and other breakables. Free delivery on orders over R1500.

Dimensions: 800 mm x 1000 x mm

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About our packing paper


With Ecobox, you can order packing paper online, at the same time as ordering packing boxes and any other packing materials you need for a home or office move.

Packing paper is perfect for protecting items like crockery, glassware, ornaments and picture frames. It prevents items from being scratched or chipped, and acts as an inexpensive shock absorber.

For really fragile items, wrap in tissue paper followed by packing paper. Then protect with an outer layer of bubble wrap for insulation and padding, before placing in an Ecobox or a sturdy cardboard packing box for moving.

Crumpled packing paper provides effective cushioning at the bottoms of boxes, and can be used as a filler to prevent box contents from shifting when they’re transported.

Packing paper has some significant advantages over newspaper – it’s stronger, holds its shape so you don’t have to use tape and won’t transfer newsprint to valued items.

Once you’ve completed a move, you can recycle packing paper, making it an eco-friendly packaging material.

Order packing paper along with all the other packing boxes and materials you need, and we’ll deliver them to your door.