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Plastic Furniture Covers

Plastic Furniture Covers

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Ideal for protecting furniture during moves. Free delivery on orders over R1500.

Size: 1750mm x 10m
Material: Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
Thickness: 100 microns

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About our plastic furniture covers


Our plastic furniture covers are ideal for protecting home or office furniture from dirt, dust, and water damage, during moves or when the furniture is in storage.

For example, these protective covers ensure that if it rains on the day of your move, items like wooden furniture and fabric or leather-upholstered chairs won’t be damaged. They also help protect furniture in storage from damage due to humidity or pests.

These protective covers slip onto items of furniture easily. They’re provided on a convenient, perforated roll and are easy to seal using ordinary packaging tape. Although they’re designed for furniture, you can also use them to help protect artworks, mirrors, curtaining, carpets and other items from the elements during moves.

Order our plastic furniture covers for sale online and we’ll deliver them, along with packing boxes, moving supplies and any other protective packaging you need, directly to your location.