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Stock 7 Single Wall Cardboard Box

Stock 7 Single Wall Cardboard Box

R32.50 Incl VAT @15% per box

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Dimensions: 450 mm x 450 mm x 500 mm (length x width x height/ depth)
Volumetric Capacity: 101 litres
Weight: 800 g

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About our Stock 7 single-wall cardboard box


The largest of our single-wall corrugated cardboard boxes, the Stock 7 is ideal for packing, moving or shipping comparatively light items, such as bedding or linens, plastic containers, clothes, shoes, curtains, toys or bathroom supplies. This is so that once the box is packed, it’s not too heavy to lift.

One of our most affordable cardboard boxes for sale, this box is about the size of a standard oven.

The large volume of the Stock 7 corrugated boxes makes them convenient and cost-effective. Because you can fit a lot in each box, you’ll have fewer boxes in total to pack, carry and transport.

Like our other single-wall cardboard boxes, the Stock 7 consists of standard thickness cardboard with a layer of fluting to protect box contents, and is designed to be sealed using packaging tape.

Note that single-wall cardboard boxes aren’t suitable for very heavy or fragile items; for those, it’s best to select from our range of stronger, double-wall boxes or to opt for a sturdy, plastic Ecobox. However, single-wall boxes are affordable, convenient and suitable for moving most household items.

With Ecobox, you can buy cardboard boxes online and have them delivered, when and where it suits you – and we offer some of the best cardboard box prices in South Africa. We also provide a range of inexpensive packing materials.