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TVL 6 Single Wall Cardboard Box

TVL 6 Single Wall Cardboard Box

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Dimensions: 500 mm x 400 mm x 450 mm (length x width x height/depth)
Volumetric Capacity: 90 litres
Weight: 680 g

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About our TVL 6 single-wall cardboard box


Our TVL 6 single-wall corrugated cardboard box is ideal for packing, moving or shipping reasonably lightweight items, from clothes and shoes to bedding, toys, or kitchen or bathroom supplies.

One of our most affordable cardboard boxes for sale, this box is about the size of a large microwave oven.

It’s made of standard thickness, single-wall cardboard with a layer of fluting to help protect box contents. To seal, use packaging tape to secure the flaps.

Note that single-wall cardboard boxes aren’t suitable for heavy or breakable items; for those, it’s better to choose from our range of stronger, double-wall boxes or opt for a sturdy, plastic Ecobox.

However, the TVL 6 corrugated boxes are ideal cardboard boxes for moving general household items. Advantages of these boxes are their affordability, convenient “all purpose” size and ease of recycling.

With Ecobox, you can buy our cardboard boxes online and have them delivered right to your door – and our cardboard box prices are highly competitive.