Pack ‘n Go Kit 2

Discover the Ultimate Moving Solution!

Double-strength cardboard Boxes and Essential Packaging Materials!

Each kit includes:

5 x Stock 4 double-wall boxes (300x230x300mm)
5 x Stock 5 double-wall boxes (450x300x300mm)
5 x Stock 6 double-wall boxes (610x450x300mm)
5 x Stock 7 double-wall boxes (450x450x500mm)
5 x Stock 8 double-wall boxes (600x400x400mm)
2 x Wardrobe boxes with built-in rods.
1 x 50″TV box (1340x230x850mm)
1x 10 Sheets of packing paper.
2 x 100m Buff tape
15 x Fragile labels
2 x Console bags
1x Bubble wrap ¼ Roll
1x 100m Aerothene, ideal for padding breakables
1 x Marker
1 x Handroll wrap 100mm x 150m (13 microns)
1 x Furniture blanket (100x100cm)

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R2020,00 Incl VAT

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Why order our Pack ‘n Go Kit 2 online?


Our Pack ‘n Go Kit 2 takes the guess work out of ordering moving boxes online. This affordable moving kit includes everything you’re likely to need for an average home or office move.

Order this moving kit online and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep, at a time and date you choose.

The moving kit price is extremely reasonable, and will likely take care of all your packing box and packaging material needs – making it a real time saver when you have your hands full with a home move.

We recommend using larger boxes for linens, towels, plastics, toys and other fairly lightweight items, and smaller boxes for heavier items like books and papers. Our wardrobe boxes are ideal for moving clothes, crease-free and without requiring any folding (just leave items on their hangers).

The moving box kit also includes everything you might need to secure the boxes and wrap and pad breakable or fragile items.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell Ecoboxes or only rent them?

We only rent Ecoboxes, in convenient moving kits. Once you’ve finished your move, we’ll collect the boxes from a location you specify and clean and sanitise them for reuse.


Do you sell cardboard boxes online?

Yes – we offer both single-wall and sturdier double-wall cardboard packing boxes in a large range of sizes.


What is an Ecobox?

An Ecobox is a sturdy, plastic moving container (measures 600 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm with a 70 litre capacity) that’s ideal for packing, moving and storing items. It’s ideal even for heavier or more fragile items, and is an eco-friendly packing option.


Do you deliver?

Delivery fees are applicable. We deliver (and collect) within 24 hours – or 48 hours if an order is received after 4 p.m. Orders placed after 4 p.m. on Friday will be delivered on the following Tuesday. Alternatively, you can collect your boxes from one of our pickup locations.


How long can we keep Ecoboxes we rent?

Ecoboxes are available for a minimum rental period of 8 days. The Ecoboxes are delivered and in your possession for 7 nights, we collect on the 8th day. Should you need to extend your rental we have standard pricing per day.


How long does delivery take?

We deliver (and collect) within 24 hours – or 48 hours if an order is received after 4 p.m. Orders placed after 4 p.m. on Friday will be delivered on the following Tuesday.