About Ecobox

Find out how we started, how we’ve grown and what we care about.

Sustainable starts

Ecobox is committed to offering sustainable moving solutions through our reusable plastic moving boxes. Our innovative Ecoboxes have gained rapid popularity, serving as a practical choice for both residential and commercial clients, and reflects our unwavering dedication to environmentally conscious practices.

In collaboration with our affiliated companies, Xtraspace Self-Storage and The Workspace, we have the capacity to provide innovative spatial solutions across multiple industries.

Our ethos, centered on proactive problem-solving, has facilitated the extension of our offerings to offer essential packaging materials for secure and reliable shipments or storage. Our products include bubble wrap, packing tape, boxes, and additional supplies, all readily available through our online store.

Our mission is to be an environmentally responsible source for all the moving supplies that our valued clients need.

Working with Xtraspace to put you first

We’re making it easier than ever for you to access our innovative products through our seamless collaboration with Xtraspace.

Ecobox retail stores is conveniently situated at all Xtraspace branches. Xtraspace locations are strategically placed, making it convenient to find a branch near you, ensuring that sustainable storage solutions are always within reach.

Whether you need durable packing materials or safe and secure storage options, Ecobox and Xtraspace are committed to delivering value with unmatched accessibility. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell Ecoboxes or only rent them?

We only rent Ecoboxes, in convenient moving kits. Once you’ve finished your move, we’ll collect the boxes from a location you specify and clean and sanitise them for reuse.

Do you sell cardboard boxes online?

Yes – we offer both single-wall and sturdier double-wall cardboard packing boxes in a large range of sizes.


What is an Ecobox?

An Ecobox is a sturdy, plastic moving container (measures 600 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm with a 70 litre capacity) that’s ideal for packing, moving and storing items. It’s ideal even for heavier or more fragile items, and is an eco-friendly packing option.


Do you deliver?

Delivery fees are applicable. We deliver (and collect) within 24 hours – or 48 hours if an order is received after 4 p.m. Orders placed after 4 p.m. on Friday will be delivered on the following Tuesday. Alternatively, you can collect your boxes from one of our pickup locations.