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About Ecobox

Find out how we started, how we’ve grown and what we care about.

When Ecobox was founded, the company’s vision was to offer an environmentally friendly moving solution, in the form of reusable, plastic moving boxes. The sturdy, convenient and eco-friendly Ecoboxes were an instant hit, for both home and corporate moves.

In 2017, Ecobox joined the Intespace Group, which focuses on providing innovative space solutions across a number of industries. With support from Intespace, we were able to expand our offering to include other moving supplies, such as cardboard boxes and packing materials, all of which are available from our new online store.

We also opened our first retail shop in Bellville – a true one-stop-shop for all your moving and packing supplies.

Our mission is to serve as a single, convenient source for all the moving supplies that South Africans need, while continuing to promote an environmentally responsible approach to moving and packing supplies.

As well as continuing to provide Ecoboxes for rent, we offer a free recycling service for the cardboard and plastic items we supply.

We believe that companies, including ours, have a responsibility to help in building a more sustainable future for all South Africans. We currently donate 1% of all our hire revenue to Food & Trees for Africa, an organisation that has been planting trees and setting up sustainable food gardens in vulnerable communities since 1990.

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