Eco-Friendly Packaging & Moving Solutions

Our 60 x 40 x 40cm Ecoboxes are tough, secure and designed to make your move simpler and more convenient.

What can I fit into a Ecobox?

How much does it cost?


Per Ecobox.


Refundable deposit.


Delivery and collection fee. Jo’burg and Cape Town only.

2 Week Rental Period

Extend for another 2 weeks when you need to.

What Do Our Customers Say

When I heard that we are eventually moving to our new offices, I started looking for packing material and also prices.I came across Ecoboxes and then started to do a comparison between them and normal cardboard boxes. I suggested that we rather go with the Ecoboxes, not only are they stronger, durable and have handles to easily carry, but they also are affordable. The Ecoboxes were delivered ± 2 weeks prior our move and they gave us more than reasonable time to unpack before they came and fetch the Ecoboxes.

Surely, this must be the solution to any moving – no mess, no boxes that break at the bottom, easier to handle. I will surely recommend this route to everybody that’s in need of boxes to move.

Excellent, the way to go!”
Melanie Proxa

As a company MTN is proud to be going Green. Ecobox was a natural choice when it was time to move our entire office!Their service was friendly, efficient, professional and affordable. The Ecoboxes are easy to use, easy to transport and keep your valued possessions safe. We would definitely use Ecobox again!
Aziza MTN

I was at a loss when we had to move offices. Ecoboxes were the perfect solution! Besides everything else in the office, we also had to move the 700 lever arch files in our filing room. This presented a major problem since these files are heavy and normal cardboard boxes would definitely not work. To add to this, the new office had no lift – only 2 flights of stairs. The boxes worked brilliantly! We could easily carry them upstairs since they had handles and did not have to worry about boxes breaking halfway. The service that we received from your company was excellent and you have a superior product. I would recommend Ecobox to anyone, it made our move much easier than it would have been.
Christine 4em Consulting (PTY) Ltd

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