Single Face Craft (1.5m x 70 m)



The Single Face Craft Roll is designed to protect your belongings from damage while moving. Made from flexible and shock-absorbing corrugated cardboard, it is ideal for shipping and padding fragile goods. This craft roll measures 1525 mm x 700 mm and weighs 35 kg.

It provides effective cushioning and impact resistance for your items. Perfect for anyone looking for a reliable solution to safeguard their belongings during transportation.

Size: 1525 mm x 700mm – 35kg

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About our single-face craft


Single-face craft corrugated cardboard is useful for a range of purposes, such as:

  • protecting furniture legs during transport
  • covering framed pictures or mirrors
  • protecting glass or wood tabletops
  • adding rigidity and padding to parcels or packing boxes.

Also often called single-face kraft, or SFK, this product is manufactured from paper pulp. It consists of a layer of corrugated cardboard combined with a layer of flat cardboard.

An interesting aside: corrugated cardboard was first made in the United Kingdom to line top hats!

One of the most common of which is protection of furniture during transport. They are perfect as a covering for mirrors and wood which are both easily damaged. Once put through a secondary manufacturing process, these boards can be made into cardboard boxes.

Ecobox offers single-face corrugated cardboard online, at an affordable price per metre. We also offer a wide range of cardboard boxes and packing materials.