Buying Cardboard Moving Boxes: a Useful Guide to Cardboard Boxes Sizes and Types

May 15, 2019

EcoBox supplies durable single- and double-wall cardboard boxes in a wide range of sizes. With so many options to choose from online, it can be a challenge to figure out which box type and size you need.

Generally, smaller, sturdier double-wall cardboard boxes are best for fragile or heavy loads. Larger and single-wall corrugated boxes are a good choice for lighter loads.

Here’s a guide to help you make the right decision when ordering corrugated cardboard boxes from EcoBox online.

Cardboard boxes for fragile loads

Breakable items, like china, porcelain, glassware and crystal, are best preserved in boxes that offer maximised cushioning and support. The boxes should be easy to grip, carry and load.

Recommended box type and size for fragile loads:

Alternatively, opt to rent one or more sturdy, plastic Ecoboxes, which provide superior protection for fragile items.

Cardboard boxes for heavy contents

Small size boxes that have been reinforced with double-walls of fluting are ideal for moving and storing heavy household or office items. Books, stationary, small kitchen appliances, and pots and pans are best contained in extra-strength double-wall cartons that are easy to manage.

Recommended box type and size for heavy loads:

Cardboard boxes for DVDs and CDs

DVDs and CDs are comparatively lightweight but should ideally be packed and stored in smaller size boxes to enable a tight fit. These items do not require the same support as fragile or heavy objects. Single-wall cardboard boxes are an affordable option when moving or storing discs.

Recommended box type and size for DVDs and CDs:

Cardboard boxes for general household items

When packing, moving and storing general household items – clothes, toys, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories and shoes – medium size utility boxes are the cartons of choice. At EcoBox, our utility boxes are available in single-wall and double-wall formats, and are capable of accommodating loads of up to 12 kg.

Recommended box type and size for general household items:

Cardboard boxes for lightweight contents

The most cost-effective way of storing or moving linen, bedding, curtains, plastic containers and other bulky but lightweight articles, is in large single-wall or double-wall boxes, depending on the total weight of the load.

Recommended box types and size for bulky, lightweight items:

Cardboard boxes for outsized items

There are household items that do not easily fit into average size cardboard containers, such as standing lamps and sports equipment. Provided the items aren’t breakable, or particularly heavy, cardboard boxes with extra width, height and length are the ideal solution.

Recommended box types and size for large, outsized articles:

Cardboard boxes for crease-free clothing

The easiest and most convenient way to store the contents of a wardrobe, or move clothes to a new location, is on hangers in a wardrobe box. At EcoBox we supply custom wardrobe boxes that are manufactured using strong, premium quality cardboard, and fitted with metal rods on which to hang the clothes.

Recommended box types and size for the contents of a wardrobe:

Cardboard boxes for flat-screen TVs

Flat-screen TVs are fragile, expensive items that require extra-strength boxes with reinforced edges.

EcoBox offers a heavy-duty 1360 x 815 x 220 mm cardboard box specifically for flat-screen TVs. It’s suitable for a TV of up to 52 inches in length.

Recommended box type and size for a flat-screen TV:

What’s the difference between single- and double-walled cardboard boxes?

Single-wall boxes have one layer of fluting sandwiched between the outer layers of cardboard. They are slightly cheaper than double-wall boxes, and are ideal for accommodating comparatively light loads that do not require added support.

Double-wall boxes are stronger and more crush resistant. They have two layers of fluting to reinforce the structure, and provide extra cushioning for fragile or heavy contents in-transit, and in storage.

With Ecobox, buying cardboard moving boxes for home or office moves couldn’t be easier. Just order the cardboard box sizes and types you need online, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep. Contact us for more information or get started now.

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