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About our bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap may be the most useful and versatile packaging material ever invented!

It’s light, inexpensive, has good cling and offers excellent padding and protection.

Bubble wrap for sale online

Ecobox offers bubble wrap in rolls, ideal for office and home moves.

Choose between:

The larger roll is convenient for a move, and for protecting items like large appliances and items of furniture.

The smaller roll may be sufficient for protecting fragile items like ornaments, glassware and ceramics. It’s also useful for wrapping gift items or parcels, for delivery by courier or post.

How is bubble wrap made?

Bubble wrap consists of polyethylene film. When it’s made, a flat sheet is bonded to a sheet with the bubble shapes, to create the air bubbles.

A fun fact: Bubble wrap was first invented in 1957 – but the inventors intended it as a three-dimensional wall covering.

Is bubble wrap recyclable?

Bubble wrap is recyclable. However, the recycler must be able to process soft plastics. Other examples are plastic shopping bags and plastic film.

Ordering bubble wrap from Ecobox

You can buy bubble wrap from any of our retail outlets, in Gauteng, Cape Town or KwaZulu-Natal.

Alternatively, make your move easier by ordering bubble wrap online. We’ll deliver it to your door, along with any other moving boxes and packing materials you need.