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About our pallet wrap

Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap is a plastic wrapping material that’s stretchable and resistant to punctures.

It has myriad uses as commercial packaging. It’s also invaluable for office and home moves.

For example, pallet wrap is ideal for keeping items tightly bound. It’s also useful for protecting furniture and large appliances during a move or while they’re in storage.

Pallet wrap for sale online

Ecobox offers:

Order your pallet wrap online along with other moving boxes and supplies (delivery is free for orders over R1500). Alternatively, find one of our retail outlets near you.

Black vs. clear pallet wrap: which is better?

Both our black and clear pallet wraps have similar properties, with a standard thickness of 20 microns.

Clear pallet wrap is see-through and so won’t hide labels or directions on wrapped boxes or pallets.

Black pallet wrap is useful if you’d rather keep wrapped contents private.

Pallet wrap, stretch wrap, shrink wrap: what’s the difference?

Pallet wrap is the same thing as stretch wrap. It’s made of linear low-density polyethylene.

It’s strong, tear-resistant and has a high stretch rate. It also has good cling. This makes it unnecessary to use packaging tape.

Shrink wrap differs from pallet wrap. It’s applied loosely and tightens only when heat is applied.

Make your move easier by ordering our black pallet wrap online and we’ll deliver it to your door, along with packing boxes and any other packing materials you need.