10 Unusual Packing Tips for Moving Home

Jun 9, 2021 | 0 comments

One of the most dreaded tasks when moving home is packing. It takes time and is tedious.

Our inspired and unusual packing tips will make things a lot easier. They’ll even save you time and money.

1. Buy a pack of paper plates

Instead of wrapping each plate in bubble wrap or newspaper, place a paper plate between plates so they don’t rub together when stacked in a box. You can wrap the whole stack in protective wrapping.

2. Use clothes for wrapping

Using clothing as protective wrapping means you don’t have to buy as much. Socks work particularly well for drinking glasses. You won’t have to buy as many boxes for packing either because you won’t need a separate box for clothes. Just don’t use your most delicate items.

3. Make DIY air pillows

Air pillows are very useful during moves, but they’re plastic heavy. Make your own by blowing into ziplock bags and sealing them. Once the move is completed, use the ziplock bags for their regular purpose.

4. Nest your packing

Don’t leave empty spaces. Pack items inside other items, even if they don’t go in the same room. Small ornaments can go inside large pots, for example. Utilise the inside of the microwave and fridge. Make sure you make a note of where everything is.

5. Ditch the newspaper

Newspaper can transfer ink onto your possessions. If you need cheap and plentiful wrapping materials, use pages from glossy magazines. The ink won’t transfer and it’s thicker, so it offers more protection.

6. Colour code your boxes

Instead of writing labels for each box, use stickers to colour code them. Each colour can represent either a room, a person or a type of item, such as breakables. Mixed boxes can have more than one sticker. You’ll still know at a glance what’s inside.

7. Raid your recycling bin

When you know you’re moving, start saving useful packing items, such as plastic shopping bags, toilet roll inners and egg cartons. Egg cartons keep jewellery untangled. Plastic bags are great for wedging into gaps to stop items shifting. Toilet roll inners are perfect cable holders.

8. Make box handles

To make cardboard boxes easier to carry, cut a V in either side near the top and fold the flap of cardboard inwards to form an inverted triangle hole. This forms the perfect handle for carrying. Alternatively, buy archive boxes with handles. They’re ideal for heavy items like books.

9. Go wild with furniture blankets

Furniture blankets are a mover’s best friend. They’re inexpensive and can be reused (think pet blankets) or donated afterwards. Use them for wrapping art, mirrors, chairs and other furniture. They can be placed under furniture or between items in the truck. Also, use as dust covers during transit.

10. Stack like a pro

When packing boxes, consider how you plan to pack them into the moving truck. Make sure you don’t end up with big or heavy boxes that are awkward to move and stack. If possible, use stackable moving boxes for more stability and to save space in the van.


These unusual packing tips will make your packing easier and quicker. At Ecobox, we can also make it faster and simpler with the range of packing materials we offer:

Visit one of our retail locations to get the office moving supplies you need, or simply order online and we’ll deliver to your door.
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