11 Tips for Moving in the Rain

Aug 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Rain is usually welcome in our water-scarce country but moving day is an exception.

Unfortunately, wherever you live in South Africa, you can’t predict if it will rain on your moving day. The best way to avoid wet or soggy belongings is to prepare.

These 11 tips for moving in the rain will mean you’re ready for the wettest weather.

1. Choose a company with closed trucks

Book a moving company that has completely enclosed and weatherproof trucks.

2. Cover items in plastic wrapping

Wrap sensitive items in plastic wrap and use plastic furniture covers and mattress bags. Don’t leave items wrapped in plastic long-term because condensation or mould might form.

3. Waterproof your boxes

If you already have cardboard boxes but rain is forecast, these methods will show you how to waterproof your boxes.

4. Use plastic moving boxes

Plastic moving boxes with a well-fitted lid are completely weatherproof. They’re the ideal alternative to cardboard if you’re worried about wet weather on moving day.

5. Keep rolls of black bags on hand

A few rolls of black bags come in handy for last-minute waterproofing. They can be used afterwards, so won’t go to waste.

6. Try to arrive at your new home before the movers

Arriving ahead of the moving truck will help you prepare your new home for potentially wet items and muddy shoes. Lay down flat cardboard boxes or old towels to protect the floor and prevent slipping.

7. Create a packing and unpacking plan

Create a packing plan so that moisture-sensitive items are easy to identify and can be moved quickly. Try to wait for a gap in the weather or lighter rain to move these items.

8. Move electronics in your own vehicle

Very moisture-sensitive electronics like laptops and gaming consoles are better protected in your car. You can ensure they’re kept completely dry.

9. Use a gazebo or umbrella

Packing the moving truck will take some time. If you can, set up a gazebo or large umbrella outside the truck to help protect items as they’re being loaded.

10. Unpack certain items immediately

Water-sensitive items that may have been rained on should be unpacked or unwrapped as soon as possible. Make sure everything is dry and place these items in a warm, dry area just in case.

11. Take time to warm up and destress

Moving in the rain adds extra stress to your moving day. Once everything is safe and dry, take the time to warm up, rest and have a cup of tea before tackling the unpacking.

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