6 Benefits: Plastic Crate Hire for Moving Office or Home

Jan 20, 2020 | 0 comments

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A vital part of any home or office move is finding decent boxes. Then these must be packed carefully so that nothing goes missing or gets damaged.

Don’t trust to dodgy, used supermarket boxes. Instead, consider plastic crate hire – an ideal solution for movers.

Plastic crate hire for moving

Ecobox offers sturdy, reusable plastic crates for rent at a daily rate.

You can order your kits online and Ecobox will then deliver the moving kits to your door.

Our plastic moving crates are ideal for moving everything from files and documents to shoes and clothing.


Our plastic moving crates are waterproof. This is ideal if you’re worried about rain on your moving day.

Each crate also has an interlocking lid. This protects items inside from dust, fumes and pests.


Because of their uniform size and recessed lid, Ecoboxes can easily be stacked three or four crates high without slipping or toppling.

This also means space in a moving truck is used efficiently, with no gaps between odd-sized containers and boxes.


Our crates are made from a solid, sturdy plastic that protects the contents from bumps or knocks. This makes them ideal for transporting fragile or breakable items.

They’re also great for items that might be too heavy for a cardboard box.


Ecoboxes measure 600 x 400 x 400 mm and have a 70-litre capacity so they can easily hold the contents of a small chest of drawers.

Some examples of items that our moving crates can hold include 245 DVDs in their cases or 120 neatly folded t-shirts.

Easy clear up

When you use cardboard boxes to move, there’s always the concern of how best to get rid of them once you’ve done your unpacking.

With Ecobox’s crates, you just let us know that you are done with them and we’ll come and collect them from your new home or office.


Our moving crates can be reused hundreds of times, making them more eco-friendly than cardboard boxes.

After each move, we sanitise and clean the Ecoboxes for the next customer.

When an Ecobox finally reaches the end of its life, it can be recycled.

Moving supplies from Ecobox

Ecobox offers a full range of moving supplies. These include our trusted plastic moving crates, a wide range of single- and double-wall cardboard boxes, protective wrappings, packing tape and more.

We also offer moving trolleys for rent.

Order your moving supplies online or call us on 0861 745 269 for more information.

Our full range of packing and moving supplies is also available from all XtraSpace Self-Storage branches.

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