6 Clever Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Feb 18, 2020 | 0 comments

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Of all the materials destined for landfill sites, cardboard boxes are the most easily repurposed to fulfil a range of everyday tasks.

Here are six clever ways to upcycle cardboard boxes.

DIY herb planters

indoor planter cardboard box

Source: Birds and Blooms

Small- to medium-size double-wall cardboard boxes can be transformed into indoor planters for herbs and vegetables.

Simply line the inside of a box with a heavy-duty refuse or plastic bag that has been cut to fit the dimensions of the box.

Using a sharp knife, poke a few drainage holes through the plastic and the cardboard.

Fill the planter with well-composted soil and plant the seedlings relatively close together.

Place the box in a sunny, well-ventilated area in the kitchen. Within no time, you’ll be enjoying fresh, planter-to-plate veggies and herbs.

Portable solar ovens

solar oven cardboard box

Source: The Green Optimistic

Solar ovens have revolutionised food preparation in rural areas and on camping trips. They’re easy to construct and, when there’s sufficient sunshine, are capable of delivering hot, freshly cooked food.

All that’s required is duct tape, aluminium foil, a sheet of glass and two cardboard boxes, one a little smaller than the other.

The boxes are re-configured into a double-layered oven and covered by the glass. The glass acts as a lid/door, which concentrates the sunlight to generate heat.

Pieces of foil-covered cardboard are attached with duct-tape to act as additional heat reflectors.

Cardboard drink coasters

cardboard coasters

Source: The Sweet Side of Mommyhood

Old beer and wine boxes, adorned in colourful logos and labels, can make the ideal base material for cardboard coasters.

Cut out the logos or labels, cover them in self-adhesive plastic and you’ll have a set of original waterproof coasters.

Wine box shoe storage

cardboard box shoe storage

Source: Family Handyman

We all have pairs of shoes and sneakers piled up at the bottom of a cupboard.

A cardboard wine box, with its handy inserts, is ideal to store them in. Decorate the box and make a label so you can see at a glance which shoes are inside.

Cord and cable organiser

cord cable organizer

Source: Instructables Living

Satellite connectors, USB cables, audio jacks and network cables can easily be stored in a custom cord and cable organiser.

All you need is a durable cardboard box with a lid and several empty toilet roll inserts to act as storage slots.

Place the inserts tightly into the box, wrap a cord or cable into a loop and slide into an insert.

Close the lid, store the box in an accessible place and order is restored.

Drawer dividers

drawer dividers

Source: Love This Pic

Drawers get untidy quickly making it difficult to find what you’re looking for. A quick way to organise drawers is to create individual niches using cardboard dividers.

Cut equal lengths of cardboard to fit the length and width of the drawer.

Pencil in the halfway mark on half of the lengths and cut the cardboard two thirds of the way through.

Slide one piece of cardboard into the other, place in the drawer and organise your socks.

Ecobox offers a range of cardboard boxes

archive box

Source: Ecobox

At Ecobox, we offer a range of sturdy, double-wall cardboard boxes  for sale. These are suitable for moving, shipping and storing just about all types of general household and office items, and are fully recyclable.

Visit one of our retail locations to get the cardboard boxes you need, or simply order online and we’ll deliver to your door.

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