8 Moving Tips for Students in South Africa

Dec 15, 2021 | 0 comments

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If you’re moving out of student accommodation for the holidays, you’ll need to pack up your personal items and take them with you or find somewhere to store them.

Our moving tips will make the process quick and easy.

1. Plan ahead

Last-minute packing is asking for trouble. Even if you have a relatively small amount of belongings, it pays to start early. Make a checklist of what you need to pack, so you have a good idea of how many boxes you’ll need.

2. Order packing supplies online

If you don’t have a car, you can order your packing supplies online. If you have a car, this will save time and petrol. You can have all your packing supplies delivered to your res room.

3. Use Ecoboxes for an eco-friendly and affordable move

Ecoboxes are reusable plastic moving boxes that you can rent. Simply order your boxes online and we’ll deliver them to your res. When you get home, you can have them collected or rent them for a few weeks to keep your items safely packed until you return to university or college.

4. Sort out the essentials and leave the rest

If you’ve accumulated a lot of gear over the year, consider donating or selling what isn’t essential. You’ll have less to pack and will save money on packing supplies. You might even make some extra holiday money from selling certain items.

5. Consider student storage

If you have any personal furniture items in your res or bulky items like sports equipment or musical instruments, put them into affordable student storage during the holidays. Moving them home will push up your moving costs.

6. Pack sensibly and label your boxes

Many items will remain packed until you head back to res, but you’ll need some items during the holiday. Make sure these items are packed in separate boxes. Label your boxes, so you don’t have to scrabble around looking for items.

7. Pack a bag of essentials for moving day

Put your essential items in a small day bag and keep it with you at all times, especially if you’re using a moving company. This should include important documents, medications, laptops, charging cables, basic toiletries, a change of clothing and snacks.

8. Don’t pack perishable goods

Even on short trips, avoid packing perishable items. Even a short amount of time in a hot car or truck can spoil foods. You don’t want to risk food poisoning on your holidays.

Moving with Ecobox

At Ecobox, we offer moving materials that are ideal for student moves, including:

Visit one of our retail locations to get the office moving supplies you need, or simply order online and we’ll deliver to your door.

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