Bubble Wrap versus Foam Wrap: Which Should I Use and When?

Oct 7, 2020 | 0 comments

Most of us don’t know when to use bubble wrap versus foam wrap because we don’t know much about foam wrap.

We’re familiar with bubble wrap, so we tend to use it whenever we pack items for a move, shipping or storage.

What is foam wrap?

Foam wrap (aerothene or airothene) is a thin, flexible wrap made from slightly expanded polyethylene that has insulating and cushioning properties.

It’s used as a less bulky alternative to bubble wrap to protect items during transport and storage.

It can also be used as underlay for wood and laminate floors.

When to use foam wrap instead of bubble wrap

Foam wrap provides cushioning but it’s thinner than bubble wrap.

It’s best used to wrap furniture and protect it from scrapes and dirt when moving.

It’s particularly suitable for furniture legs and feet because it’s more flexible than bubble wrap.

It can be used to wrap ornaments and crockery in moving boxes without taking up too much space.

A flat foam sheet can be used to protect TV screens and mirrors.

Foam wrap is 100% recyclable.

When bubble wrap is best

Bubble wrap protects well against impact, so it should be used to wrap fragile items like glasses or ornaments.

It’s also better for breakables that are being posted or couriered because it protects against knocks during transit.

Bubble wrap’s thickness makes it better than foam wrap for filling gaps and wedging items in boxes so they don’t move.

Using foam wrap with bubble wrap

The ideal way to wrap very fragile items if you’re moving them a long distance or shipping overseas is a layer of foam wrap followed by a layer of bubble wrap.

This will protect them from being scratched and smashed.

The two also work together when packing multiples of the same item, such as dinner plates.

A layer of foam wrap is placed between each plate and then the bundle is covered in bubble wrap.

Packing tape sticks well to bubble wrap and foam wrap.

Ordering bubble wrap and foam wrap online

You can order foam wrap online from Ecobox’s shop. The foam wrap is 1.25 metres wide and costs R7 per metre.

You can also order bubble wrap in two sizes: a 100-metre roll measuring 1.25 metres wide or a 30-metre roll measuring 41.6 cm wide.

At Ecobox, we offer:

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