Buying Cardboard Boxes vs Renting Plastic Moving Boxes

Oct 17, 2019 | 0 comments

At Ecobox, we offer a wide range of cardboard boxes for sale. We also offer sturdy, plastic moving boxes for rent.

So if you’re moving home or office, which is the better option?

To help you make an informed decision, we outline the factors to consider.

Are your possessions fragile or heavy?

Our plastic moving boxes – called Ecoboxes – are made of sturdy, rigid plastic. They provide better protection than cardboard boxes for fragile and heavy items, during a move or in storage.

For example, they’re ideal for moving breakables like crockery and ornaments, as well as books, documents and other heavy items.

How far are you moving?

Our plastic Ecoboxes are available for rent in major South African cities and towns. We deliver them to your home or office, and collect them again once you’ve completed a move.

If you’re moving outside South Africa or to a remote location within the country, it won’t be possible to rent Ecoboxes. In these cases, go with buying cardboard boxes for your move.

We sell single-wall and sturdier double-wall cardboard boxes in a large range of sizes.

We also offer cardboard moving boxes designed for specific purposes, including flatscreen TV boxes and wardrobe boxes. Our wardrobe boxes are perfect for minimising creasing when moving clothes.

When are you moving?

Is it likely to rain on moving day? If so, plastic Ecoboxes will do a better job of keeping your possessions dry than cardboard.

Plastic boxes can also protect items from damp flooring while they’re in storage.

Cardboard isn’t waterproof. Also, water weakens cardboard, making it more likely that heavy items will fall through the bottoms of boxes.

How large is your move?

If you’re moving a household and have many different rooms and lots of valuable and precious items to pack, Ecoboxes are probably a better choice.

They’re sturdy and easily stacked, which maximises space in a moving vehicle.

Empty Ecoboxes can be nested, which makes it easier to contain the mess on either side of a move.

They’re also quicker and simpler to use – there’s no need to assemble the boxes or use packing tape. Once you’ve moved, they don’t have to be cut open.

For smaller amounts of items, either Ecoboxes or cardboard boxes may work well.

How soon will you unpack?

Plastic Ecoboxes are available for rent by the week.

If you’re not sure when you’ll unpack your possessions or if you plan to store certain items for longer, buying cardboard boxes is a better choice.

Then you own the boxes and won’t need to consider the timing or cost of rental periods.

Which is best for the environment?

From an environmental perspective, Ecoboxes and cardboard moving boxes both have pros and cons.

Environmental pros and cons of Ecoboxes:

  • pro: they’re made of strong, fully recyclable plastic
  • pro: each one is reused up to 400 times
  • pro: they require a lot less water than cardboard to make
  • con: plastic is a petrochemical product
  • con: plastic takes a very long time to biodegrade.

Environmental pros and cons of cardboard boxes:

  • pro: they’re fully recyclable and biodegradable
  • pro: South African cardboard is derived largely from sustainably farmed trees
  • pro: Ecobox offers customers a free cardboard recycling service
  • con: their potential for reuse is limited; often they’re just discarded after a move
  • con: manufacturing cardboard uses a lot of water.

Manufacturing a single cardboard box equivalent in size to one Ecobox takes an estimated 20 litres of water and 4 kWh of energy.

Can I use a combination of cardboard and plastic moving boxes?

This is the approach we most recommend. Using a combination of cardboard and plastic Ecoboxes may be the ideal packing solution.

Pack and store low-priority items (which you don’t need to unpack soon) and items that aren’t fragile in cardboard.

Breakable, water-sensitive, heavier and higher-priority items can go in Ecoboxes. These provide better protection but are rented by the week.

Buying moving boxes online

Whether you want to buy cardboard boxes or rent plastic moving boxes, we make the process quick and easy. Simply order the boxes – along with any packing supplies you need – and we’ll delivery them directly to your doorstep.

Contact us for more information or get started now.

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