D-Day: The move has arrived

Oct 3, 2017 | 0 comments

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It’s D-Day. The movers are about to arrive. You’ve decluttered, recycled, donated, stored and sold what you don’t need. The boxes are packed and labelled, you know what EcoBoxes should be loaded first and last, and the cleaner is booked for after the contents of your old house are loaded on to the van. It’s time.

Firstly, a quick word of advice

Look at moving day as an adventure, not something that is highly stressful and challenging. You’re en route to a whole new world… having a positive mindset will help you through the process of unpacking all that packing.

Remember, you’re prepared. Sure, there will be the odd challenge. The cable guy might not arrive but hey, you can stream TV for one night or watch a video? If your moving van goes missing in action, you’re allowed to freak out… but for almost everything else, it will be over soon.

1. If you have pets, it’s advisable to move them first (if you haven’t housed them in kennels or a cattery before your move). Animals getting underfoot as movers do their thing isn’t a good idea. Besides, they get very stressed, which makes you stressed. So if there’s a way to get them to the new place first, and secure them in a room that won’t be needed immediately, with their beds, toys, food and water, then do it.

2. Have you covered your mattresses, couches, chairs with plastic covers to ensure they don’t get dirty during the move? Remember EcoBox will deliver all the moving packaging materials you need when you order your boxes.

3. Make sure your overnight bags and boxes are easily identifiable. These are your ‘open first’ boxes with loo paper, soap, cleanser, moisturiser, towels, book, kettle, pyjamas – your basic first night survival kit.

4. A snack tin is essential to keep your energy levels up as you move. Water, drinks, protein bars, biltong, nuts… moving fuel is vital to ensure you don’t flag halfway through the moving mission.

5. At the same time, make sure you have milk, tea, coffee cereals, bread, butter, jam, cheese and spreads ready for the morning. The kitchen might still have to be finalised, but at least you can refuel before starting round two.

6. Experienced movers advise making sure each bedroom has its bed in first, and that bedding is one of the first boxes to be unpacked. It might be chaotic, but at least having your own bed made up means you will have a good night’s sleep.

7. Remember to take a break. Sit back and have a cup of tea or coffee. Eat a slice. Read a chapter. Then start unpacking again.

8. Remember: Unpacking goes that much faster when you have great music to help you along. Ensure you have access to your tunes on moving day

Using Ecoboxes

ecobox ideal office homes moves relocations

Sturdy Ecoboxes are ideal for transporting all “boxable” items. They can be securely sealed and have ergonomic handles and dimensions, making them easy to lift, carry and stack. And at just R30 a box, they’re surprisingly affordable.

Just order your boxes and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep – and once you’ve moved and unpacked, we’ll collect them from your new location. Contact us for more information or get started now.

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