Ecobox Rental for Events, Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Jan 20, 2020 | 0 comments

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To set up a stand or booth at a trade show, you usually need to transport a large amount of stuff to the exhibition hall.

You might not have a lot of time to get set up either, so your transport system needs to simple and efficient. Our rentable plastic moving boxes work well for this type of transport.

Ecoboxes are also ideal for transporting catering items and decorations for events or parties. Even heavy or breakable items like crockery can safely be transported with our plastic crates.

Benefits of Ecobox rental for events and trade shows

Ecobox rental is ideal for events, trade shows and exhibitions.

No assembly required

Unlike cardboard boxes, there’s no need to assemble our plastic Ecoboxes. They are solid, sturdy plastic crates that come with an interlocking lid. This saves you both time and excessive amounts of packing tape.

Suitable for transporting heavy items to events

With cardboard boxes, there always the worry that heavy items will cause the box to break, even with lots of tape securing the bottom. Our Ecoboxes are strong and can handle even very heavy items with ease.

Easy disposal

Once you’ve finished with the plastic moving boxes, Ecobox will collect them from the location of your choice.

Perfect size containers for events

Each Ecobox can hold a significant amount of stuff. The boxes measure 600 x 400 x 400 mm which is a standard size for this type of transport crate. Their capacity is 70-litre which equates to 245 DVD cases or 120 folded t-shirts.

Easy to stack and carry

Our Ecoboxes have a slightly recessed lid and are designed to be stackable without slipping so they make good use of the space in a delivery van, bakkie or car. They also have moulded handles for easy carrying.

Easy event storage

You’ll want to hang on to your Ecoboxes for a few days so you can pack up. When empty, Ecoboxes can be stacked inside one another so they take up less room in your booth or at your stand for the duration of the event.

Eco-friendly moving crates

Our Ecoboxes are the eco-friendly alternative when it comes to moving. Each box is used hundreds of times before it’s retired. It is then recycled.

How it works: Ecobox rental for events

You can rent moving kits online at a daily rate and we’ll deliver them right to your door.

Once you’ve finished using the Ecoboxes, just request a pickup and we will fetch them so they can be cleaned and reused.

You can rent moving kits that include a specified number of Ecoboxes, security seals and labels.

Our reusable plastic moving boxes are an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard and more affordable and convenient than buying your own plastic boxes. To organise Ecobox rental for an event, simply visit our online shop and place an order.

We also offer moving trolleys for rent and stock packing materials like bubble wrap and tissue paper.

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