Ecobox Tree Planting Projects with Food & Trees for Africa

Feb 7, 2018 | 0 comments

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At Ecobox, we believe it’s our responsibility as a South African company to do what we can to help those in need and to improve our local communities.

This is why Ecobox has chosen to support Food & Trees for Africa, which we believe is doing extremely valuable work.

What is Food & Trees for Africa

Food & Trees for Africa, or FTFA, has been helping vulnerable communities set up and maintain food gardens since 1990. They also make it their mission to plant trees and rehabilitate areas affected by pollution, creating a healthier environment in poor areas.

This award-winning, non-profit organisation emphasises education and skills training for local communities, ensuring that the food gardens they help set up are sustainable and make a real long-term difference in combatting food shortages.

How Ecobox helps

As a long-standing partner, we have committed to donating 1% of all our hire revenue to Food & Trees for Africa.

An initiative of this scale would not be possible without the funds and time donated by individuals and organisations around South Africa.

Even with help from volunteers, the organisation needs up to R150,000 to set up and maintain a garden project for the first three years – a process that’s key for ensuring it remains sustainable.

Our projects with Food & Trees for Africa

Two examples of recent projects we’ve supported are those at Kula Siswe Primary School and the Lenin Street Market.

Kula Siswe Primary School

tree planting food africa primary school ecobox

In July 2017, we donated and helped plant 25 fruit trees at Kula Siswe Primary School in Tembisa. The trees shall provide fruit and shade for the learners.

Over their lifetime, these trees are expected to improve air quality, offsetting more than 9 tonnes of CO2. The school can also use the trees for education about the environment, biodiversity and climate change.

Lenin Street Market

food trees africa ecobox tree planting

In September 2016, Ecobox donated and planted trees at the Lenin Street Market. The site was recently visited again and we’re pleased to say that the trees are growing beautifully.

food trees africa ecobox

Soon there will be a lush orchard. This will create a comfortable area where farm workers can have their lunches and harvest fresh fruit for eating or selling.

How you can help

In 2018, Food & Trees for Africa will be planting trees on key dates throughout the year. Here are some of the days when you can join them and make a difference to local communities:

  • 21 March – Human Right’s Day & International Day of the Forests
  • 22 April – Earth Day
  • 5 June – World Environmental Day
  • 18 July – Mandela Day (the ideal way to spend your 67 minutes!)
  • 1-7 July – Arbour Week
  • 16 October – World Food Day.

If you’re interested in making a donation or contributing your time and knowledge, visit the Food & Trees for Africa website for more information. You can also buy an annual membership if you want to become a long-term supporter.

Environmentally friendly moving solutions with Ecobox

ecobox moving boxes reusable

A big part of securing a better future for all South Africans is making sure everything we do is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Even your moving day can be green. Ecobox offers eco-friendly moving boxes that you can order online and have delivered right to your door. Whether you hire our reusable, plastic Ecoboxes or purchase our responsibly sourced cardboard boxes, we can help simplify your moving process. Get started now by ordering boxes or contact us for more information.

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