Eight Things To Do Eight Weeks Before You Move

Oct 3, 2017 | 0 comments

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Two months seems like plenty of time to get to grips with moving house (or a small office). But it’s not. As you will find out if you DON’T get going early. There are all sorts of things you can do eight weeks before the van arrives and your EcoBoxes are loaded to save you time, and energy, as moving day gets ever closer.

Here’s a handy guide on how to get cracking.

1. Now is the time to shop around for quotes for moving related services, from professional movers to an IT or cable guy to reconnect your services on the other side. Shop around for estimates. It’s worth it in the long run. If you can schedule your move for mid-week, it’s often cheaper than month-end. Know what you’re in for.

2. Create a schedule of everything you have to do, using timelines and checklists on what you have to do when. Nothing more satisfying than ticking off tasks!

3. Start decluttering your home room by room. Getting rid of stuff you no longer need brings down your costs and saves you time. Have a car boot sale. Or donate to a non-government organisation. Sell stuff on Gumtree or OLX and make some money to pay towards your move. Get rid of broken things you’ve been meaning to fix but haven’t got around to. Be ruthless.

4. Get a floor plan of your new space. It will help you make decisions on what you will take with you, and what can be donated, sold, chucked out or stored. This is particularly important if you’re downsizing.

5. Measurement matters. If your big old comfy couch won’t fit through the front door of your new home, you’re in trouble. Find out first and then sell it so you can buy one that does fit. Same with your fridge. If your new kitchen only has space for a single door fridge, and you have a glorious double door, you need to make a plan, one way or another. Measure everything.

6. Are you moving straight into your new home or do you have some time before it becomes available? If you need storage for a while, best book it well in advance.

7. Make a list of everyone you need to notify about the change of address and keep it handy to update.

8. Are you renting a house? Do you want to get your deposit back? Time to check everything you need to do to ensure you are reimbursed. From filling holes in the wall where your pictures were hung to getting rid of Prestik on the children’s bedroom walls, take time to sort it out so you don’t lose out.

Moving with Ecoboxes

ecobox reusable moving boxes

Sturdy Ecoboxes are ideal for transporting all “boxable” items. They can be securely sealed and have ergonomic handles and dimensions, making them easy to lift, carry and stack. And at just R30 a box, they’re surprisingly affordable.

Just order your boxes and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep – and once you’ve moved and unpacked, we’ll collect them from your new location. Contact us for more information or get started now.

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