The Final Countdown…With Four Weeks To Go

Oct 3, 2017 | 0 comments

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By now, your home should be clear of anything you don’t want to take with you and ready for you to start packing.

1. Have your EcoBoxes and packing supplies you’ve ordered online or at the retail outlet delivered to your door. Allocate boxes to each room in the house, along with their colour-coded labels. Ensure you have ‘fragile’ labels at hand, as well as ‘Do Not Load’ and ‘Load Last’ (for boxes you want to come off first on the other side).

2. Anything you have to give 30-days notice on should be done right at the start of the last month. Alert Post Office about mail forwarding. Have you remembered to update your magazine or newspaper subscriptions?

3. Start packing non-essentials as you start the three-weeks-to-go mark. If it’s summer, those winter clothes can be packed and vice versa. Art and decorations can be wrapped and packed. Books. CDs. The linen cupboard. Build up to the essentials in the last week before you go.

4. With two weeks to go, stop grocery shopping and try and empty your stock cupboard and freezer. Use up condiments and jams and spreads. The fewer foodstuffs you have to move, the better.

5. Pack up the kitchen leaving just the essentials for cooking and eating: plates, cutlery, a pot or two.

6. Pack your box of essentials for that first night. Pyjamas, your book or kindle. Laptop and tablet. Toiletries and a towel and a roll of loo paper just in case. Snacks, the kettle, coffee and tea, mugs. Chargers. Bedding.

7. Hire professional cleaners or block out time to give your old home a good going over, ensuring the new tenants or owners have a clean house to come home to.

8. Remember to mark all keys etc for new people, and note any quirks the house might have. Tell them when garbage is collected, and leave a copy of your forwarding address just in case something arrives for you.

9. Don’t forget to check outdoors! Have you left the Weber or your favourite braai? Is there anything in the outbuildings? Did you remember your gardening tools and hosepipe?

10. Remember at EcoBox we recycle your moving materials. More about that in our next blog on eco-friendly moving.

Ecoboxes: ideal for home and office moves

ecobox moving boxes reusable

Sturdy Ecoboxes are ideal for transporting all “boxable” items. They can be securely sealed and have ergonomic handles and dimensions, making them easy to lift, carry and stack. And at just R30 a box, they’re surprisingly affordable.

Just order your boxes and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep – and once you’ve moved and unpacked, we’ll collect them from your new location. Contact us for more information or get started now.

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