Finding Green Companies and Alternatives in SA

Jul 15, 2020 | 0 comments

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Most people will opt for the greener alternative if it’s readily available but it can be difficult to find eco-friendly alternatives for our favourite services and products.

Green directories

Fortunately, there are directories and resources that can help you source companies with robust green policies so you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Please note that not all directories check the green credentials of businesses and products on their sites. It’s essential that you do.

Eco Atlas
Eco Atlas has an online directory of green places and products. Its aim is to empower consumers to make better lifestyle and travel choices for the planet.

SA Green Info
The South African Directory for Green Living lists green businesses and products by sector.

Green Business Guide
The Green Business Guide offers a green product and service directory that covers many different sectors. It also has green-related news, jobs, events and podcasts.

Business South Africa – Green Companies in South Africa
This website has a section dedicated to green businesses. The list is conveniently sorted by sector, making it easy to navigate.

Zero-waste shopping

There’s a growing trend for zero- or low-waste shops that encourage you to bring your own containers and sell groceries by weight. There are zero-waste shops in most South African cities.

Depending on the shop, you can buy dry goods like legumes and flour, fresh produce, including milk and eggs, and even cleaning products by weight or volume. Some shops deliver.

Green cleaning products

There’s a broad range of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market, some of which are sold at regular grocery stores. They can be a little pricier than regular cleaners but they’re often more concentrated.

Many of these products are locally produced, making them more eco-conscious. You can buy many different eco-friendly cleaning products online as well. Some good local cleaning product brands include:

  • Earthsap – eco-friendly cleaning and personal-care products
  • Triple Orange – industrial and household multipurpose degreasers, laundry detergent and sanitisers
  • Better Earth – green cleaning and personal-care products
  • PROBAC – cleaning and odour-control products using beneficial bacteria
  • SoPure – disinfection, allergy-prevention and cleaning products
  • ProNature – earth-friendly paints, stains, sealers and cleaning products
  • Nu-Eco – biodegradable detergents, dog shampoo, bleach and more.

Buying energy-efficient appliances

Although purchased less frequently, buying energy-efficient appliances will help reduce your carbon footprint through more efficient energy and water usage. A newer energy-efficient appliance can use up to 50% less energy than an older appliance.

These days, most appliances have a detailed energy-rating sticker, so you’ll know which to buy. Most are rated A to G with A being the most efficient. Some even boast A+, A++ or A+++ ratings.

Green moving with Ecobox

Our signature Ecoboxes have been used for many years by businesses and individuals concerned about the environmental impact of their house or office move.

By using plastic moving boxes in place of cardboard boxes, your move can be eco-friendly and more convenient.

Benefits of using our Ecoboxes include:

  • they’re reusable and eco-friendly
  • we deliver them to you and them collect them from your new location
  • they’re strong, durable and weatherproof
  • they have a spacious 70-litre capacity
  • our Ecoboxes are cleaned and sanitised after each use.

Order your Ecoboxes online or call us on 0861 745 269. Our full range of packing and moving supplies is also available from XtraSpace Self-Storage branches.

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