Guide to Packing Supplies for an Office Move

May 21, 2020 | 0 comments

Packing up an office and moving to new premises can be just as stressful and time-consuming as moving to a new home.

The size and contents of your office determine what packing supplies you’ll need but this guide will help you make sure nothing is overlooked.

Ready-made office moving kits

Ecobox offers ready-made office moving kits for different size offices that come with everything you need for your move. You can order kits with plastic moving boxes or Pack ’n Go Kits that use cardboard boxes.

office move kits

Large office moving kit

This kit has 100 plastic moving boxes, which is enough for an office of 16 to 50 people. It includes security seals, eco-labels and a marker pen.

Medium office moving kit

With 50 reusable moving boxes, this kit can be used to move an office of six to 15 people. It includes security seals, eco-labels and a pen.

Small office moving kit

Along with the added extras like security seals and eco-labels, this kit has 35 plastic Ecoboxes. This is enough for an office of one to five people.

Pack ’n Go Kit 1

This kit has 10 cardboard boxes in two sizes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, aerothene foam wrap, packaging tape and FRAGILE labels. This kit is ideal for a small office.

Pack ’n Go Kit 2

This kit has 25 cardboard boxes in four sizes as well as two wardrobe boxes and an archive box. It comes with a range of protective wrapping and tape. It’s ideal for a medium to large office.

Plastic moving crates for office moves

Our signature Ecoboxes are reusable plastic moving boxes that can be rented on a weekly basis for home and office moves. They can be washed, sterilised and reused hundreds of times, so they’re an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.

Ecoboxes are strong and sturdy so they can carry heavy items like archival files and documents. The tightly-fitting lid makes them weatherproof too, so they can be used for moisture-sensitive items like laptops, phones and other electronics.

Moving boxes for employees’ possessions

We have a range of small cardboard boxes that work well for employees to pack up their desk contents and personal belongings.

If you prefer to use our reusable moving boxes for the entire move, two or three employees can share an Ecobox.

Moving boxes for flat-screen monitors and TVs

If your office has large flat-screen monitors and TVs, we offer moving boxes designed specifically for moving flat screens up to 52-inches in size.

Remember, many moving companies won’t take flat-screen TVs if they aren’t boxed and protected for the journey.

Renting a moving trolley for an office move

If you’re handling the move yourself, Ecobox recommends hiring a moving trolley to make moving boxes easier and quicker. It will also help prevent strained muscles or back injuries.

You can rent a professional moving trolley from Ecobox on a weekly basis.

Order moving supplies online

Everything you need for an office or home move is available to order online from Ecobox.

You can also place an order online and collect your moving supplies from your nearest Ecobox retail store. We have branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

Call 0861 745 BOX for more information or contact us via our website.
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