Large, Heavy-Duty Cardboard Boxes for Moving

Sep 15, 2020 | 0 comments

It’s important to understand the qualities of large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes to know if they’re suitable for your move.

Before moving household or office, work out the items you need to pack and decide what size, type and quantity of boxes you need.

The benefits of larger, stronger boxes

Here are a few of the benefits of large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes for moving:

  • large boxes have capacity for bulky items
  • large boxes mean fewer moving boxes overall
  • fewer boxes can equal lower shipping or moving costs
  • heavy-duty boxes give you peace-of-mind
  • they’re more weather and pest-proof than thin cardboard boxes
  • heavy-duty boxes are more durable and hold heavier items without splitting.

However, be warned, even heavy-duty large boxes aren’t designed to tolerate weights of more than 18 kg.

If the items you want to move are very heavy, pack them individually in smaller heavy-duty boxes.

Large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes from Ecobox

Ecobox recommends our large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes for your move.

They’re ideal for bulky, medium-weight items that need a sturdy box.

All of our double-walled cardboard boxes are made with two layers of sturdy board and fluting for extra protection and sturdiness.

Stock 6 Double Wall Cardboard Box

Our Stock 6 cardboard box measures 610 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 300 mm (H).

It has a volume of 81 litres and is about the size of an airline luggage bag.

Stock 7 Double Wall Cardboard Box

The Stock 7 double wall cardboard box measures 450 mm (L) x 450 mm (W) x 500 mm (H).

It has a 101-litre capacity and is ideal for moving big bulky items like clothing and bedding.

Stock 8 Double Wall Cardboard Box

Stock 8 is our biggest double wall cardboard box.

It measures 600 mm (L) x 400 mm (W) x 400 mm (H).

Finding heavy-duty cardboard boxes this size can be tricky but Ecobox has you covered.

Order heavy-duty cardboard boxes online

Ordering heavy-duty cardboard boxes online is easy with Ecobox.

Our online store stocks a large range of heavy-duty boxes in different sizes.


At Ecobox, as well as heavy-duty cardboard boxes for moving, we offer:

Visit one of our retail locations to get the office moving supplies you need, or simply order online and we’ll deliver to your door.
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