How to Move a Flat-screen TV: Tips for Keeping It in One Piece

Aug 13, 2018 | 0 comments

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time picking out the right flat-screen TV. You might even have saved up for it over a few months, so it would be pretty upsetting if it got damaged during a move.

Flat-screen TVs can be heavy and awkward to move. They are also quite easy to damage, particularly the screen. Here are our tips on how to move a flat-screen TV while avoiding any damage.

How to move a flat-screen TV

No matter how near or far you’re planning to move it, chucking your flat-screen TV into the back of a moving truck won’t do. Follow these steps to avoid damage to your flat-screen TV during the move.

1. Take note of cable placement

Before you unplug everything, take note of which cables go where. Your best bet is to take a photo that you can reference when you set the TV up again on the other side.

All cables should be kept together in a box or bag during the move. Be careful not to twist the cables when you coil them and put them away.

2. Wrap it in protective covers

After giving your TV a good dusting, wrap it in soft blankets. You can also use bubble wrap to protect it but don’t let the bubble wrap touch the screen directly.

This can leave unsightly contact marks that are hard to remove. Rather use a soft blanket first and then bubble wrap over it.

3. Pack it into a special flat-screen TV box

Ideally, you should pack the TV into its original box but few of us bother to keep them more than a few months. Fortunately, you can buy sturdy flat-screen TV boxes.

Slide the TV gently into the box and then wedge it with bubble wrap or Styrofoam. Don’t put any wedging directly in front of the screen, the pressure could damage it.

4. Label it correctly

Make sure that the box is clearly labelled with the words “flat-screen TV”. Buy some “Fragile” and “This-way-up” stickers to make sure no one mishandles the box accidentally.

It’s also a good idea to add a label instructing the movers not to place anything heavy on top of the box.

5. Give instruction to the movers

As an added precaution, tell the movers that the box contains a TV and should be handled with care. Ask them to keep it upright and not to place anything heavy on top.

Also, let them know how big and heavy the TV is. It won’t be obvious to them just by looking at the box.

Flat-screen TV boxes from Ecobox

Ecobox offers sturdy flat-screen TV moving boxes that are ideal for protecting your TV during a move or while it’s in storage. Each box is made of heavy-duty cardboard and measures 1360 x 815 x 220 mm. It can protect a flat-screen TV with a width of up to 52 inches.

You can order a flat-screen TV moving box – along with bubble wrap, moving blankets and any other packing supplies you need – from our website, and we’ll deliver them to your door. Contact us for more information or get started now.

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