Moving Boxes Delivered in Greater Johannesburg

May 17, 2022 | 0 comments

Tick one task off your packing and moving list by getting moving boxes delivered to your door in Johannesburg.

Ordering your moving supplies online saves time and lets you focus on getting your belongings ready to pack.

Moving box delivery in Jo’burg

With Ecobox, you can order all your moving boxes and packing supplies online. We’ll deliver them to your home or office anywhere in the greater Johannesburg area.

We stock everything you need for packing and moving, including moving trolleys for handling heavier boxes or furniture items.

Moving box choices

We have a large range of moving boxes on offer. Simply browse our online shop to find and order what you need. Alternatively, go to your nearest branch to select your moving boxes.

Renting plastic moving boxes

Our reusable plastic moving boxes, Ecoboxes, are the perfect eco-friendly moving option. The boxes are strong, sturdy and come with a built-in lid. Each box measures 600 x 400 x 400 mm and has a 70-litre capacity.

moving boxes delivered ecoboxes

Like everything else we offer, Ecoboxes can be delivered to your home or office. Once you’ve moved and unpacked, we collect the Ecoboxes, saving you the hassle of disposing of boxes. The Ecoboxes are then cleaned and sterilised for the next customer.

Cardboard boxes for sale

Our range of cardboard boxes includes single-walled and double-walled boxes in a range of sizes. We have specialised cardboard boxes, such as wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes, flat-screen TV boxes and archive boxes with handles.

moving boxes delivered cardboard boxes

Single-walled boxes are cheaper and lighter. They’re ideal for lightweight but bulky items such as blankets and cushions. Our double-walled boxes are the best option for fragile or heavy items such as appliances, kitchenware or electronics.

Ecoboxes vs. cardboard: which is best?

Ecoboxes can be used for a range of items and are the more eco-friendly option because they can be reused many times.

Ecoboxes are completely weatherproof and can be stacked in the moving van, saving space and making the moving job easier.

moving boxes delivered moving kits

However, we’ll need to be able to collect the Ecoboxes after use. If you’re moving to an area that we don’t cover, it will be better to use cardboard boxes or a Pack ’n Go kit.

Cardboard boxes also come in a larger range of sizes and are more convenient if you need to hang onto your moving boxes for a long time.

Our Johannesburg retail outlets

We have 13 retail outlets in the greater Johannesburg area. Our physical branches can be found in the reception areas of all XtraSpace branches in Johannesburg.

moving boxes delivered retail

At each branch, you can order Ecoboxes or buy cardboard boxes and packing supplies. You can rent trolleys and view the storage spaces on offer, should you need them during your move.

Visit the branch pages to find out more about each branch of Ecobox in Johannesburg:

Ordering moving boxes for delivery in Johannesburg

Ecobox’s online shop stocks everything you need to pack for your move, including moving boxes delivered throughout Johannesburg.

At Ecobox, we offer:

Visit one of our retail locations to get the office moving supplies you need, or simply order online and we’ll deliver to your door.

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