Need Moving Boxes?: 8 Benefits of Ecoboxes

Jul 10, 2018 | 0 comments

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If you need packing or moving boxes, we’d like to offer strong, stackable Ecoboxes as the perfect, modern solution. Simply rent the boxes for the period you’ll need them.

1. Convenient

There’s no need to brave the traffic or take time better spent organising a move in order to hunt for and buy moving boxes.

Instead, simply order Ecoboxes from us – along with any other packing supplies you need – online. We’ll deliver the Ecoboxes to your door, and collect them again when your move is over.

2. Tough enough to protect even fragile items

Because Ecoboxes are made of hard, toughened plastic, there’s no chance of them breaking or collapsing, and they’re suitable for transporting heavy or even fragile items, such as glassware, ornaments, small appliances or sensitive electronics.

Ecoboxes are also weather-proof, so there’s no need to worry if it rains on your moving day.

3. Easy to use

Ecoboxes have built-in handles to make it easier to pick up and carry heavy loads. They’re easy to seal and, because they’re made of rigid plastic and are uniformly sized, allow seamless stacking. This can reduce the van space needed to move household or office contents.

Ecoboxes can also be nested, one inside the other – ensuring they take up minimal space when they’re empty.

4. Surprisingly spacious

Ecoboxes are surprisingly spacious on the inside. Each Ecobox measures 600 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm and has a 70-litre capacity. As an idea of what you can fit into an Ecobox, that’s enough space, given tight packing, for any of the following:

  • 48 x 500 ml bottles of coke
  • 120 folded t-shirts
  • 45 pairs of jeans
  • 245 DVD cases
  • 450 comic books.

5. Secure

Each box comes with a removable lid that can be securely sealed to ensure that no-one can tamper with your stuff. Because an Ecobox is made of hard plastic, it also can’t be slashed or ripped open, or opened inconspicuously from underneath.

6. Easy to label

Ecoboxes include space for labels so you can specify which rooms they must be taken to at their destination and make a record of what each box contains.

7. Eco-friendly

Each of our Ecoboxes is reused hundreds of times. Once we collect Ecoboxes from someone who has completed a move, we sterilise and deep-clean them, dry them and put them back into action. This makes more sense than buying moving boxes, using them once for a move and dumping them.

When an Ecobox finally reaches the end of its life span, it’s recycled.

8. Socially conscious

We donate 1 percent of our revenue to Food & Trees for Africa, an NGO that beautifies and enriches poor communities by planting trees and building and maintaining permaculture food gardens, sustainable farms and bamboo bioenergy plantations.

At Ecobox, we specialise in providing a full range of online moving and packing supplies. If you need moving boxes, we can help! Contact us for more information or get started now.

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