Packing Boxes Online: A Convenient Solution

Mar 19, 2020 | 0 comments

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These days, there’s very little you can’t order online and have delivered to your door. Ecobox’s online store offers a range of cardboard and plastic packing boxes that can be delivered to your home along with all the necessary packing materials.

Why order packing boxes online?

Moving to a new house or packing a large amount of stuff for storage is stressful enough without driving all over town trying to find the right size and quantity of packing boxes.

By ordering packing boxes online, you can get the type, size and number you need – and they’ll be delivered right to your door.

Cardboard moving boxes online

If you’re using cardboard moving boxes, it’s always best to buy these new.

You may have access to free used cardboard boxes but they often lose their structural integrity or are dirty.

cardboard moving boxes

When you order cardboard boxes online, you can get single- and double-walled options in a range of sizes. Double-walled boxes are ideal for heavy or fragile items; single-walled boxes are great for light items and soft furnishings.

At Ecobox, our cardboard boxes are high-quality with a layer of protective fluting. We also have specialised wardrobe boxes and boxes for flat-screen TVs. All our affordable cardboard boxes are fully recyclable.

Renting plastic packing boxes online

Reusable plastic packing boxes are a great alternative to cardboard because they’re completely reusable, so there’s no waste. They’re collected after use, so your moving boxes are quickly out of the way while you sort out your new home or office.

family moving

Plastic packing boxes are very sturdy and come with a lid that seals, so they’re ideal for sensitive electronics or heavy items such as books. At Ecobox, our reusable packing boxes have a 70-litre capacity and measure 600 x 400 x 400 mm.

Once you order your plastic packing boxes online, they’re delivered to your home or office so you can start packing. Once you’ve finished with them, they’re collected from your new location along with any recyclable packing materials you ordered at the same time.

Moving kits online

If you need packing materials in addition to packing boxes and want to order everything in one go, we have moving kits available. These kits come in different capacities and include protective packing materials, labels and tape.

packing supplies

These kits are particularly useful if you’re not sure how many boxes you need. The size of each kit is based on the number of bedrooms your home has, so you just pick the one that suits your needs and you’ll have everything you require to pack and move.

Other moving supplies from Ecobox

Ecobox covers the full range of packing and moving supplies. For your convenience, we offer a large range of protective packing materials, packing tapes, cutters and even moving trolleys for rent.

You can shop online to get your moving supplies or you buy them from your nearest XtraSpace branch.

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