Protecting Furniture During a Move

Feb 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Anyone who’s moved home will have a story about an item of furniture that was damaged.

Relocating can be rough on furniture. However, some simple steps for protecting furniture during a move can make a real difference.

Protective moving products from Ecobox

Ecobox offers a full range of moving supplies, including materials designed to protect furniture from bumps, scratches, staining, water damage and other moving-day accidents.

Furniture blankets

Furniture blankets are useful for wrapping all kinds of furniture, from upholstered items to wooden tables or shelves. They’re also great for protecting mirrors, art and other large breakables.

In a moving truck or trailer, they can be put on the floor or over sharp edges to prevent rubbing or scratching.

Plastic furniture covers

If you need to waterproof furniture, plastic furniture covers are ideal. They come in large sizes and slip over most items easily. They also protect your furniture from dust and pests.

Our 100-micron plastic furniture covers measure 2 x 10 metres and come on a convenient, perforated roll.

Mattress bags

Keep your mattress clean and dry during a move with our plastic mattress bags.

We stock king, queen, double and single mattress bags. These protect mattresses from moisture, spills, dirt and pests.

Our 50-micron, clear polystyrene mattress bags are easy to use and inexpensive.

Aerothene sheets

The most important measure for protecting furniture during a move is padding corners, feet and handles. These are the most prone to damage. Aerothene sheets are ideal for protecting these areas.

Our aerothene sheets measure 1250 x 100 mm. They’re big enough to fully wrap smaller furniture items or framed art.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is the king of protective wrappings. It can be used to protect anything from the largest sofa to the smallest side table.

Bubble wrap is waterproof when secured properly. So it protects furniture from water damage, as well as knocks and scratches.

We offer rolls of bubble wrap measuring 41.6 cm x 30 metres and 1.25 metres x 100 metres.

Moving trolley

Furniture often gets damaged when it’s too heavy or cumbersome to carry without dropping or tipping over. Avoid this by hiring a moving trolley (or dolly).

A moving trolley can protect your back, as well as protecting furniture, during a move.

Other packing materials

Don’t forget to stock up on packaging tape. Ecobox stocks clear tape in 50-metre and 100-metre rolls.

We also stock protective wrapping for smaller items, including tissue paper, packing paper, pallet wrap and polystyrene chips.

Ecobox’s range of rentable plastic moving boxes, cardboard boxes and packing supplies is available online or at your nearest XtraSpace branch. Browse our online shop or contact us for more information.

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