Renting Plastic Crates for Home and Office Moves: Affordable and Convenient

Mar 18, 2021 | 0 comments

Moving can feel wasteful when you consider all the boxes and packing materials required. Fortunately, renting plastic crates is an affordable, convenient – and green – alternative for home and office moves.

Ecobox has been offering plastic moving crates as an eco-friendly alternative for years. Our clients love our Ecoboxes for their low carbon footprint, ease of use and convenience.

What are Ecoboxes?

Ecoboxes are plastic moving crates that you can rent from Ecobox. The boxes are made from hard, sturdy plastic. They measure 600 mm x 400 mm x 400 mm. Each Ecobox has a 70-litre capacity and comes with an interlocking lid.

You can rent Ecoboxes on a weekly basis. Alternatively, long-term crate hire can be arranged. We deliver the Ecoboxes to your home or office. Once you’ve moved and unpacked, we collect the Ecoboxes from your new location.

How to rent plastic moving crates

To rent plastic moving crates, simply visit our online shop and place an order. There are moving kits that come with a pre-determined number of boxes based on your home or office size. These kits come with security seals, labels and marker pens.

Alternatively, all XtraSpace branches offer a full range of Ecobox moving products, including our reusable plastic moving crates. Visit your nearest branch to pick up your Ecoboxes and any moving supplies you need.

The advantages of crate hire for moving home or office

Ecoboxes offer many advantages. They are:

  • weatherproof and spill-proof
  • affordable
  • strong – they won’t collapse or buckle
  • stackable for easy loading into the moving truck
  • ideal for heavy items (no more broken boxes)
  • perfect protection for sensitive and fragile items
  • environmentally friendly
  • cleaned and sanitised after every use
  • convenient
  • easy to store.

Plastic moving crates for rent online

In addition to crate hire and moving crate kits, Ecobox has a large range of moving supplies available online or at these retail locations.

Our moving supplies include bubble wrap, aerothene, mattress bags, tape and specialised boxes, such as wardrobe and flatscreen TV boxes.

You can also rent a moving trolley from us. This can protect your back from strain and injury, and make moving much faster and easier.

Getting started with Ecobox

At Ecobox, we offer convenient, affordable plastic crates to rent for home and office moves. Just order your boxes and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep – and once you’ve moved and unpacked, we’ll collect them from your new location. Contact us for more information or get started now.
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