Small Office Moving Kits: A Convenient (and Waste-Free) Moving Solution

Jul 20, 2020 | 0 comments

An office move takes a lot of planning so it makes sense to use services that simplify and streamline the process.

You can avoid disruptions and keep your relocation convenient and waste-free with a small office moving kit from Ecobox.

What our small office moving kit contains

The Ecobox small office moving kit contains everything you need to relocate an office of up to six people. Each moving kit contains:

  • 35 Ecoboxes
  • security seals
  • labels
  • a marker pen.

The kits can be rented on a weekly basis (just the Ecoboxes get returned) so there’s no rush to unpack in a hurry.

You can take your time to make sure everything goes smoothly and nothing is lost along the way.

The best use of small office moving kits

Our small office moving kit contains Ecoboxes that are ideal for moving sensitive office equipment such as computers or laptops.

Ecoboxes keep important documentation dry and secure.

Even small office spaces can accumulate a large volume of paperwork, files and equipment so we’ve included 35 70-litre plastic moving boxes in the kit.

The boxes are sturdy, so there’s no need to use packaging as long as the items are properly packed.

An Ecobox move is a true waste-free move.

What is an Ecobox?

An Ecobox is a reusable, sturdy plastic moving box with a well-fitting lid. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to a cardboard box.

Each Ecobox can be reused hundreds of times before it needs to be recycled.

The benefits of using Ecoboxes for your office move include:

  • sturdy protection for fragile items
  • perfect dimensions for stacked documents, folders and stationery
  • spacious enough for computer peripherals and electronics
  • waterproof with a sealing lid to keep contents dry and dust-free
  • easy to carry and stackable
  • waste-free with no need for packing tape or materials when used correctly.

Ecobox delivery and collection

Our small office moving kit is a convenient and waste-free moving solution because you can place your order online and it’s delivered to your door.

Once you’ve completed your move and the rental period is up, we will collect the Ecoboxes from your new location.

This eliminates the need for you to dispose of cardboard moving boxes once everything is unpacked.

Our Ecoboxes are cleaned and sanitised after each use, so they’re completely safe to use for office or home moves during lockdown.

In addition to a range of moving kits, Ecobox offers a range of cardboard boxes and plenty of packaging options.

You can order your moving supplies online or visit your nearest Ecobox store. Contact us to find out more.
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