10 Clever Uses of Bubble Wrap Around the Home

Oct 17, 2019 | 0 comments

Bubble wrap is one of those ubiquitous materials that has infinite uses. It’s a great filler when you’re packing your stuff into crates or boxes. It’s an even better protective material when you’re moving your precious items from A to B.

As the on-demand moving specialists in South Africa, EcoBox supplies bubble wrap online, in both standard quantities, and cost-effective bulk rolls.

Don’t feel you have to use our plastic packing wrap in the conventional sense – with a bit of creativity and plenty of spare time, you can upcycle, recycle and re-use bubble wrap in so many cool ways.

Recyclable sleeping bags

sleeping bag

Source: TrendHunter

When you’re next outdoors, relishing the myriad health benefits of a camping trip, why not snuggle down into a reusable, recyclable sleeping bag. It’s lightweight, water-proof and padded with air pockets for extra comfort too!

Floating pool blankets

floating pool blanket

In water scarce cities, like Cape Town, installing a pool blanket is a municipal requirement. A bubble wrap pool cover is a cheap and effective solution, and it’s fun and easy to make too.

Gardener’s kneeling aids

gardener's kneeling aid

Source: Install IT Direct

A gardener’s kneeling aid offers that little bit of comfort and support to the knees, especially for painful and aging ones! Triple layers of bubble wrap works like a dream. And if you really want to find inventive uses for recycled bubble wrap in the garden, here are a few more smart ideas.

Trendy rain wear

bubble wrap fashion

Source: Today

Splish, splash and it’s starting to rain – you can dash for your brolly or you can make good use of those reams and reams of bubble wrap left over from your last move. Here’s how you can turn recyclable plastic into trendy, textured rain gear.

Bubble wrap grip for slippery stuff

bubble wrap grip

Source: Fitocracy

The aerated textured surface of bubble wrap makes it a low-cost solution for gripping. You can use it as a handy hand grip or you can it apply to slippery surfaces… like skate boards!

Decorative mixed media wall hangings

bubble wrap art

Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for fun and easy ways to brighten your living space, why not use bubble wrap as a key material in a mixed media work of wall art. You can inject the bubbles with colour, paint the surface using endless techniques or cut and trim the plastic and fold it into myriad cool shapes.

Shower curtains

shower curtains

Source: Sparkle With Everything You Are

Who would have thought – shower curtains made from bubble wrap! They are so darn popular even Amazon’s run out of supplies!

Tactile learning tools

learning tools

Source: Hands on As We Grow

You can make learning fun, while doing your bit to save the planet, by upcycling reams of bubble wrap. These tactile learning tools are just the thing, especially if you want to turn your children into clever kids who are sensitive to the plight of the natural environment!

‘Disposable’ Wellies

disposable boots

Source: Teaching Mama

Who needs Wellies when you can have bubble wrap boots? With disposable footwear you can jump into puddles, wade through the mud or slide with ease across the fluffy wool carpet. Or you can use wearable, pop-able plastic to create awesome foot art!

Padded hangers

padded hangers

Source: Pinterest

You don’t want to dispose of your old wire hangers, but you do want lots and lots of padding for the haute couture. What do you do? Use the old bubble wrap, folded away in the back of the cupboard, to pad up!

Where to shop for bubble wrap online

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