8 Apps that Make Moving Easier

Jul 31, 2017 | 0 comments

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Moving is ranked among the most stressful of life experiences, after death, divorce and retirement. Packing up your worldly possessions, leaving your neighbourhood and re-adjusting to a new home or apartment (or a new office) isn’t easy.

A number of mobile apps can help take the sting out of moving, allowing you to sit back and make all the arrangements without moving more than your fingertips.

1. HouseMe for affordable rental accommodation

The HouseMe app is the smart solution when you’re looking for a new home. It connects you with pre-certified property owners in South Africa.

Rental rates are auction-based, and, if you prove to be a good tenant, you’ll be eligible for discounted rates down the line. You can view images of rental properties, compare features and find out more about the immediate neighbourhood.

Best of all, only one month’s deposit secures the deal. The HouseMe app is available for Android.

2. Install Snupit for a rated, reviewed removals company

If you’re looking for a removals company in your area, the Snupit app lists recommended service providers on one intuitive mobile platform. You can search according to location, services, ratings and reviews, and contact the company directly through the app.

It’s a quick and easy way to secure the services of a company that’s been given a firm thumbs up. The Snupit app is free to install, and available for iOS and Android.

3. Sell your stuff through the Letgo app

Do you need to get rid of unwanted furniture, clothes, sports equipment and gadgets before you move? Install the Letgo app, and make it happen. You can upload photos, chat to prospective buyers, and even close deals within the app.

Once you’ve moved in to the new premises, you can buy pre-owned goods from people in your area – and make new friends at the same time! The Letgo app is available for Android only.

4. Keep track of the weather with WeatherSA

Moving in the rain is not an option, so we suggest you download the free WeatherSA app at the Apple or Windows app store. You’ll get up-to-the-minute weather reports, and be able to hone in on what’s happening in both your old and new neighbourhoods.

All you have to do is make both suburbs favourites to get real-time weather updates and alerts.

5. The iSpani app unlocks moving muscle on-demand

If you’re looking for a helping hand on the day of the move, the iSpani app links you to reliable workers in your area, who are willing to do tasks on an ad hoc basis. You can post the job description and select the right person for the job from the database in-app.

Then it’s simply a matter of supplying your address, and the date and time of the move. Once all the hard work is done and dusted, you have the option to make payment via the app. The iSpani app is available for Android only.

6. Au Pair Express supplies child care on the day

A move is stressful enough without the little ones getting up to mischief. The Au Pair Express app provides the easy solution; the services of a reliable and fully vetted baby sitter, trained in first aid.

You can browse through your options, read independent reviews and schedule an appointment in a snap. Services are available at fixed rates, and you can book and pre-pay via the app.

The Au Pair Express app is free to download for iOS and Android.

7. Kit out the pad via Takealot.Com

Once you’ve moved in, and unpacked all the boxes, you can do a quick assessment of what new furniture and appliances your abode needs. Install the Takealot.com app on your iOS or Android device, and you’ll have anytime access to daily deals, and millions of products across multiple categories.

Paying is easy, as there are several in-app payment solutions. When you spend a specified amount, goods are delivered to your door for free.

8. Stock up with consumables with the StockupApp

When you’ve got all the clothing unpacked and furniture arranged, you can stock up on bubbly, gourmet foods, and everyday consumables, and toast your new home. Tap your order into the StockupAPP and, provided it’s during office hours, a ‘to your door’ delivery is part of the package.

You can get the app at the iOS and Android app stores.

Ecobox, for affordable, convenient packing and moving

Ecobox provides convenient, affordable delivery and collection of packing boxes and materials.

Our trademark Ecoboxes are hygienic, stackable and lockable – and rather than having to hunt for or fetch them, Ecobox will deliver the number of boxes you need to your door.

Book your Ecoboxes today, and move the eco-friendly way! Contact us for more information or to place an order.

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