Moving Boxes Kempton Park

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Packing up a home for a move requires patience, planning and the right moving boxes and packing supplies.

At Ecobox, we offer moving supplies and moving boxes in Kempton Park, as well as other centres across South Africa.

We also offer rental of sturdy, plastic moving crates and moving trolleys.

Kempton Park moving supplies

Planning a move can take up a lot of time. Save yourself a trip by ordering moving supplies online. We’ll deliver them right to your door, anywhere in Kempton Park.

We also have a physical branch in Kempton Park, if you prefer to shop for your moving supplies in person.

Our Kempton Park outlet

You can find our Kempton Park moving supplies shop in the reception area of XtraSpace on the corner of Great North Road and Deodar Street.

At this outlet, you can order moving boxes and packing supplies or you can rent moving crates and a moving trolley.

The branch is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the first and last Saturdays of each month.

Cardboard boxes for moving

Packing is so much easier when you have the right box. At Ecobox, we stock a large range of boxes, as well as speciality boxes such as wardrobe boxes and flat-screen TV boxes.

Double-wall boxes in Kempton Park

Double-wall boxes

Double-wall boxes are heavy-duty and should be used for heavier and fragile items. These boxes are available in the following sizes:

Single-wall boxes

Single-wall boxes are more lightweight. They’re ideal for bulky-but-lightweight items such as cushions or bedding. We stock single-wall boxes in the following sizes:

Plastic crate rental in Kempton Park

For a more eco-friendly option, rent reusable plastic Ecoboxes in Kempton Park. These crates come with a lid and have a 70-litre capacity, so they can hold a substantial amount without becoming unwieldy.

Ecoboxes in Kempton Park

Each Ecobox can hold approximately:

  • 245 DVD cases
  • 120 neatly folded T-shirts
  • 140 paperback books
  • a double duvet and two standard pillows
  • 24 standard towels
  • five or six medium scatter cushions.

When you rent Ecoboxes, we deliver them to your home. You can pack, move and we collect them from your new home once you’ve unpacked.

For peace of mind, all our Ecoboxes are washed and sanitised after each use.

Packing supplies

Ecobox Kempton Park also supplies a range of packing materials for your move. We have a range of protective wrappings, such as bubble wrap, aerothene and furniture blankets.

We have mattress bags in a range of sizes and plastic covers to protect larger furniture items.

After a long and stressful move, no one wants to go to sleep on a dirty or wet mattress.

Ready-made moving kits

moving kits in Kempton Park

If you’re unsure what moving supplies you need, Ecobox offers pre-made moving kits that remove the guesswork.

Our Pack ’n Go Kits include cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, labels and other packing supplies. They come in two sizes – one for smaller households and the other for big houses.

Our Home Moving Kits are based on the number of bedrooms you have. You can order one, two, three or four-bedroom moving kits. These kits include Ecoboxes, security seals, labels and a marker pen.

Moving in Kempton Park with Ecobox

If you need moving boxes in Kempton Park, visit our online shop to find everything you need.

Just order your boxes and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep. Once you’ve moved and unpacked, we’ll collect them from your new location. Contact us for more information or get started now.

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