Single vs. Double-Wall Cardboard Boxes: Which Should I Buy?

Jun 17, 2022 | 0 comments

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Ecobox offers single and double-wall cardboard boxes in a range of sizes. You can order them from our online shop or you can visit any of our retail stores to shop in person.

single vs double wall cardboard boxes

Choosing between single vs. double-wall cardboard boxes is an important step when choosing packing supplies. Here’s how to decide which ones you should get for your move.

What’s the difference between single-wall and double-wall cardboard boxes?

Single-wall boxes are made with two layers of liner paper with a fluted layer sandwiched in between. Double-wall boxes are made with three layers of liner paper with two layers of fluting in between.

single vs double wall cardboard boxes fluting

The fluting is where boxes get their sturdiness and strength from. This means double-wall boxes have twice the wall strength of single-wall boxes.

Single-wall boxes are widely used as standard shipping and packing boxes. Double-wall boxes offer a sturdier option when you need to pack heavier or more fragile items.

Best uses for single-wall boxes

Single-wall boxes are best for lightweight items and soft bulky items. This includes duvets, cushions, clothes, shoes and curtains.

Single-wall boxes are essential for a move because they’re cheaper than double-wall boxes and come in a large range of sizes. Buying only double-wall boxes is unnecessary and would be a waste of money.

Best uses for double-wall boxes

Double-wall boxes are ideal for heavier or more fragile items that need extra protection. The sturdier double-wall boxes should be used for your electronics, books, kitchenware and ornaments.

Double-wall boxes are a good option for items going into long-term storage or overseas freight because they offer more cushioning and can absorb shocks during transport.

What else to consider

A combination of single- and double-wall boxes in various sizes is the way to go when packing up your home.

Even though double-wall boxes can handle more weight, it’s not advisable to fill a large double-wall box with heavy items like books. This will make the box too heavy to lift and could be unsafe.

single vs double wall cardboard boxes

Choose a range of boxes that can handle different items. For example, bulky but lightweight items like cushions need a large single-wall box. Small, heavy items like books need a smaller, double-walled boxes.

Large, fragile items such as vases need large double-walled boxes and lightweight, non-bulky items, such as CDs or DVDs, would need a small single-walled box.

You should also consider renting Ecoboxes for your move. These reusable plastic moving crates are super sturdy and have a 70-litre capacity. With a built-in lid, they’re suitable for most items and are weatherproof, which cardboard boxes aren’t.


What size cardboard moving boxes we offer

At Ecobox, we stock a large range of single- and double-wall cardboard boxes for your move.

Single-wall boxes

Our single-wall boxes come in the following sizes:

Double-wall boxes

Our double-wall boxes are available in these sizes:

If you’re unsure how many boxes you need, we offer pre-packaged moving kits that are based on a typical move. The kits come with boxes, tape, packing materials and fragile labels.

single vs double wall cardboard boxes moving kits

Ordering single-wall and double­-wall cardboard boxes online

Order all the cardboard boxes you need for your move from our online store and we will deliver them to your door.

You can also buy packing materials such as bubble wrap, aerothene and packing tape. You can rent a moving trolley for those heavier boxes.

For more information about single vs. double-wall cardboard boxes, call us on 010 595 5555 or contact us online.

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